Sad news at Epcot


I just read on another forum that one of the german band members collapsed and died on the stage at the Biergarten. His name is George and played the bass. I’ve seen the band a couple times, but am not sure which one he is. He worked for Disney for 24 years. Diners were asked to leave and then they closed the restaurant. So sad.:crying:


OMG…how awful. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.


That’s so sad!:crying: We have dinner reservations there next month …


Oh my gosh that is the saddest thing. My thoughts are with his family.


:ohmy: Oh, that is so sad.


I know this is upsetting. I also feel for the family and friends of the musician, as well as the guests who witnessed this happen.

But for some crazy reason, every time I think about this, I just keep hearing the song “Have you heard the German band” (Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band?) from The Producers being performed by Will Ferrell.


Very sad news.


Boss’ avatar is of the Biergarten musicians. It looks like the bass player was the older gentleman with the white hair?? Last December while we dined there, he introduced a Christmas song by telling a story and describing Christmas in a small village in Germany. We loved the way he spoke and his accent was so nice to listen to.

So sad.


Wow. This is sad news. I love that place.


So very sad:(


Yikes, that is sad! How scary & sad for his family, friends, cast members, and all the guests. Hopefully he wasn’t in pain or anything. I hope everyone he knew was ok, sounds like he was a longstanding member of the band.


how sad! However I suppose that if I had to go, collapsing at WDW would be the way I would want it to happen too… prayers to his family!


Sounds like they handled it with grace. What sad news…


Yikes, what a sad thing to have happen. And scary. I can’t imagine being in the crowd when it happened. Prayers to the family, friends, and co-workers! And pixie dust to the people that witnessed it.


Very sad but what a way to go…doing some thing you love.


Very sad :frowning: Thought are with his family and friends


Oh how sad. Prayers to his family and to those who were there.


The bass player is the musician on the far left with the pole partly blocking his face.


It’s scariest for his band mates and the sound and lighting techs than on everyone else. After all, they have been working as a unit for years. To have this happen on stage during a performance is the worst of all worlds for them.


That’s so sad. His family and friends are in my prayers.