Sad story with happy ending


ok here is the story I made reservations last year while there haveing the time of my life. I made the reservations for Sept 12th - 20th. Well long story short I had to cancel my vacation this year b/c of finances. My husband is in the army so I was on their website and saw that you could get 5 day pass for $99 WOW no hoppin or anything extra but who cares so I thought if I can find a cheap hotel then I might could swing a day or two anyway. I found a hotel for one cent I book it 4 nights for 5cents. I got a little worried so I called the hotel today and we went over evrything when she got to the price she said there was a problem and she needed to speak to her manager, she then said that it was my lucky day and I got the room for that price 5 pennies YEAH !!!This will probably be our last Disney trip for 3 years b/c it looks like we will be going to Japan in Dec. The hotel is 2 miles from Disney which is a bonus.


Don’t know how you pulled that off, but Congratulations!!! :happy: Did you go through an internet travel site?


Congratulations on booking your trip and getting it for such a good deal. Have fun planning.


WOW!!! What a great deal! Have a wonderful trip.


5 cents? How did this happen? So amazing. I do want to hear that story though.


I’m assuming you found that online somewhere, WOW, what a deal! I wish I could find one like that for a rental car in a few weeks!:whistling


What a deal! Have a great time.


That is an amazing deal! Glad to hear you can still go! Have a great time!


That is a happy ending! Have a wonderful trip!


WOW! Fantastic! I wish I could find a deal like that! Had the hotel made some sort of booking mistake so you were ony charged 5cents?


That is fantastic!


5 cents?? Thats amazing!! I would have booked 2 weeks at that price. Which hotel is this?
Congrats to you and your family on this AWESOME deal


Congrats, and thank your husband for being one of our servicemen. And your are a wonderful wife finding your family that deal.


yeah i want to find out how to get 5 cent hotels too!!
do you think they have any for the jersey shore around say 8/24 & 25?:laugh::laugh:


[QUOTE=tinkfans;980985]yeah i want to find out how to get 5 cent hotels too!!
do you think they have any for the jersey shore around say 8/24 & 25?:laugh::laugh:[/QUOTE]

I was just at the Jersey shore last weekend and it was PACKED:eek:

This rate HAD to have been a mistake but they probally had to give it to her because thats what was quoted UNLESS its the bates motel:laugh: bates motel or not I want that rate:glare:


Wow, that’s great! Congrats to you!!


What a deal! Congrats and have fun!


What a deal! And…as far as Japan…there is always Tokyo Disney!!


It was a glich in the computer however I have logged back in at it is still there they haven’t chage it yet. quality suites the royal parc suites .01 only weekdays and military id.


I thought it was hong kong disney?