Sadly our trip is over


We’re sitting in the lobby at BC waiting for our Magical Express bus to pick us up.

We’ve had a wonderful trip, almost perfect. I’m sad to see it end but knowing I’m booking our next trip in less than 4 weeks helps.

Beach Club has been awesome as usual. The weather has been hot but the evenings have been beautiful. Last night was especially nice, we had a cool breeze for IllumiNations. I was worried about rain when we got here but other than one night it hasn’t rained much at all.

Nate was surprised! He had no idea and was pretty surprised when I told him where we were going. At first he just looked at me like he didn’t believe me then gave us a big smile.


Awesome, Im happy to hear you had a wonderful time. Unfortunately we all must meet that sad sad day when the Disney trip ends, but hey…like you said, it just means its time to start planning for the next one! Have a safe trip home, hope to see some pictures!


Huh, wait…that cannot be. Go back.


I would love to miss the bus and extend our trip but I’m thinking my DH wouldn’t be very happy since he has to go back to work tomorrow.


It feels like you’ve only just left for that trip! Glad you had such a good time!


Have a safe trip home and start that trip report!! Glad you had a good time!


I took some pictures but not very many compared to what I normally take. I’m already planning our next trip in my head and we’ve talked about it a little bit because it does help make going home a little easier.


Thanks! I hope to get the TR started tomorrow morning if I have the energy. I just hope I remember everything because I didn’t take good notes.


We did! This was a quick trip–5 days including travel, we only had 4 park days this trip.


Boo to the trip being over. But I hope the weather you had holds up over the next few weeks for when we go!!


Well it is sad. But you get to come home and start planning a trip all over again.


Yes exactly and ddoll put me in charge. Hellooooo, I like being in charge :cool:


WOW, that was quick.
Looking foward to your TR


Welcome back, can’t wait to hear all of the details. Glad to hear it didn’t rain much, too. I’m hoping we get similar luck in a couple of weeks!


Sometimes short trips are the most memorable! Glad you had a good time! Have a safe trip home!:heart:


I know what you mean…all that planning, all that waiting, all that excitement and then BAM, it’s over.


Aww, sorry its over, they always do tend to fly by! I am looking forward to your TR though. :slight_smile:


:laugh: trip report please, i need a Disney fix to get ne through Sept. when we leave! Do you like Beach Club over the Boardwalk?


:laugh: trip report please, i need a Disney fix to get me through Sept. when we leave! Do you like Beach Club over the Boardwalk?


Holy cow, that went fast. Hurry with the unpacking and laundry so we can read all about it. :happy: