Safari Celebration Dinner


Has anyone ever done this Safari Celebration Dinner? What is it like? I haven’t seen any detail information on this magical group gathering event.

What other magical gathering have you done. thanks


I have done it, about a year ago. It was a blast, and would do it again in a heart beat. We went through the back gate, though I think normally you just meet somewhere in the park. You load up on Kilimanjaro Safaris, and no one else is on the ride, since the park is closed. It isn’t a normal ride, as they have a driver, and someone else who takes. The ride takes about twice as long, so you get to sit and watch the animals much more, and they will answer any questions you have.

You then get dinner in Tusker House. It is a very nice dinner, and is served kind of family style. They also have great entertainment and characters. The food was a bit different, but I loved it.

I figure it is a once in a lifetime thing, so while expensive, definitely worth it.


I have never heard of it. Is it only for larger groups and how do they charge you? By the person or group or a flat fee for the event? Are there special times when they offer this or is it any time?



This is one of the Magical Gatherings events. The cost is per person, and I rememer it being $60 for adults (10 and older) and $20 for kids. The only way you can do it is if you are in a Grand Gathering, though I don’t think the entire group has to do it.


Thank you mickey, no Grand Gathering in the works for me.


That sounds very nice. Having the ride twice as long would really appeal to me. I think I must start working on my family for a “grand gathering”.


We booked this event. You had to give a credit card or mail a check to hold. If you cancel 6 days out you’ll be refunded. My brother-in-law has never been to WDW and is a great animal lover so this is going to be his special event. The CM who made the reservations was great as they only do this certain days during the week so she helped us in redoing several other events. We are now all scheduled for the 50th anniversary week - complete with the Fairy Godmother starting the celebrations. Our feeling is how many people today have parents who are married for 50 years, and place the family first for the decades. As always, special tips for this exciting week are welcome and we are in less than 90 day countdown time!!


this is really very exciting. I wish you lots of fun and we all are hoping for a trip report.