Safari Ride - Early or Late morning?


Trying to book breakfast plans. Any suggestions on trying to get to see the most animals on the Kilimanjaro Safari?


we went early…like one of the first rides on the safari then went to tusker house for breakfast…we saw almost all the animals. i think the lion was laying down but you could still see him (& her)…i heard that morning was best because when it gets hot in the afternoon, they all hide & arent as active.


Early is normally better. You’ll always see animals, but they tend to be more active in the morning.



All the books say to go early to see the most animals. Try to book your breakfast early enough so that when you are done the park would have just opened. You can then just head straight there and continue on throughout the park and not have to stop to eat breakfast.


I concur with EARLY, meaning the first ride. We’ve done the first ride and mid-morning and there was a difference in animal activity as well as how many animals we even saw. We’ll always do first ride from now on. :happy:


It will be a mad dash to the ride when the gates open. Some will run others will walk fast and then there are the ones that will get there when they get there.


We did one of the first rides of the day and we saw all the animals up and wandering about. We even had to wait while two giraffes took their time crossing the path of our safari vehicle.


First thing of the day – we ALWAYS go to Safari first, then FP it right away. Hit EE thruogh stand-by and then return to Safari for FP ride. It’s a near-perfect system!

Ok, it’s perfect.


The earlier in the morning, the better!


My DS and I went in December around 8:30 a.m. (extra magic hours that day) and we saw tons of animals and were able to get some great photos, too.


The early morning seems to be the best time especially in the super hot summer.


You should do the safari earlier rather than later.
The animals have just been let out and are more active.
As noted, from April through October, when it gets to be 85 in the late afternoon, the animals don’t want to do much of anything except dive for shade.


The best safari I’ve ever experienced ended up being in the afternoon (ironically enough), but I have to second what everyone else said…as a rule, earlier is better. Especially for certain animals, such as the lions, who can almost be guaranteed to be napping during the muggy afternoons.


We always do the safari before breakfast.

It might be a good idea to send one person to get FPs for Expedition Everest, then go on Kilimanjaro, then eat breakfast. I prefer late breakfasts at Donald’s (I’m assuming this is where you’re dining)… more character interaction in my experiences.