Salute Promo Updates


The 2012-2013 Salute promo began Monday. These are some updated answers to some questions people have asked about.

Eligibility Changes

While current military members, retirees, and their spouses as well as permanently disabled members with the DAVPRM code on a military ID (DD Form 2765) are all still eligible, the Armed Forces Salute has been extended to the following categories:
■100% Disabled Veterans with DD Form 2765
■Medal of Honor Recipients with DD Form 2765
■Active Military Foreign Affiliate with US issued CAC (Blue Stripe)

There is still a little bit of gray in the eligibility of disabled veterans. Disney says 100% permanently disabled veterans and then mentions the DAVPRM code. But in past offers they have only mentioned the code and not any percentage.

Good Policy Changes/Clarifications

These are some things that have either changes since the press release or have never been clarified.
■[B]Spouses can purchase up to 6 total (themselves plus 5) “Salute” tickets.[/B] The Active Duty member does not have to be present as long as spouse has valid military ID. In the past it had been only 5 tickets for spouses.
■Spouses of deceased Active Duty/Retired members who have a valid military ID, can purchase up to 6 AFS tickets if they have not remarried.
■All 6 AFS tickets allowed during the offer do not have to be purchased at the same time.
■[B]AFS tickets may be used on different trips i.e. 3 tickets in November and 3 tickets in February[/B].

Bad Policy Changes/Clarifications

More changes and clarification.
■AFS TIckets [B]may not be used Back-To-Back AFS Ticket use by the same person must be separated by 7 calendar daysi[/B].e. 3 people using 3 tickets for 4 days and then using 3 more tickets the next 4 days.
■[B]The first use of the AFS ticket must be on the same day as activation[/B].
■[I]Children of divorced parents – The AFS discount is a benefit of the military member, not dependents. If the military member is unable to activate the tickets with the children i.e. deployed they may not receive the benefit with their non-military divorced parent. An eligible military member must be there to activate the tickets.[/I]
■Divorced spouses do not qualify; the benefit remains with the military member.


At least they allow the split trip option. Kate and her BFF coming with us tomorrow will use 2 tix. I was worried that under the old rules the other 4 could not be redeemed. Also clearing up the Active Spouse rule was critical to our families w/ deployed Active spouses.


The only change that will affect us is the same day activation/usage. We always activated on arrival day while out running around so we wouldn’t have to fight the GR crowds at park opening.

That new back-2-back policy is going to seriously disrupt plans for smaller families that have already made plans. It should’ve been that way all along, but like the FP return rule it was never enforced.

I was able to go when DH deployed but could only get my tic + 4 other, not the total of 6.