Sam brown tour of hawaii resort


i found this web site Disney travel you can register to do a oneline tour of the new resort in Hawaii . it give you two dates to do it. Disney Traveler Presents Behind the Magic in Hawai’i with Samantha Brown.
i signed up for tomorrow night…

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Very cool. Share your experience afterward. I am curious.


I received a flyer regarding this from DVC about two weeks ago; I signed up and watched on Tuesday. Wow! what a beautiful resort this is going to be. I wish I had some extra cash and the flight to Hawaii wasn’t so long, maybe I’d consider buying in. Hawaii’s on my bucket list, so some day I hope to visit.


I’d like to see the new resort and I’d even more like to see Hawaii- that’s most definitely on our ‘to do’ list too.


We were out at Aulani last week. A Hawaiian vacation is much different than a Disney World vacation. You actually come home relaxed from your Hawaiian vacation. There will be a lot for the kids to do at the resort and the pools will make Storm-a-long Bay look small. The rooms and balconies are larger than you usually find at the Disney resorts and although it is on Oahu (the Los Angels of the Pacific) its in a quiet spot of the island just west of Pearl Harbor about 20 minutes.

I was supposed to watch the video tomorrow morning but not sure if I will be a round to see it.


I just love Sam Brown presenting anything about Disney:wub:

you might like this youtube post… enjoy

YouTube - ‪Behind the Magic in Hawai’i with Samantha Brown‬‏


i watched the you tube it is the same as the one i posted. the resort looks amazing… i wonder how much the hotel rooms are.? i tried to go on but for some reason i cant get on the disney site.


Island view rooms are about $400 a night plus taxes and resort fees.


WOW!!! well that is not going to happen…


I totally forgot about it… and I was mad because I thought of it at 6:09 PM (mine was from 9am-6pm)… I wasn’t doing anything before that!!! :sad:


It was ok but you didn’t miss much. It was more of an infomercial for DVC and how to make rocks out of Styrofoam.

There were not done when she was there so they could not show a lot of the real stuff. Even when we were there a week ago they were just putting in landscaping and still working on interiors. The pool area was still having a lot going on and one of the pools was not even built yet. There was also some stuff that the Imagineers put in that did not work out too well so they are removing it so I am guessing they did not want to get it on film. You can see more from the web site than you did in her video.


Get out of my head! Every sentence is like we are twins, so I will just say Ditto:laugh::laugh::laugh: