Same old Travel Channel WDW Shows?



I am sitting here bored to tears since no one seems to be updating their TR’s so I turned on the TV and I saw that WDW Behind the Scenes was on the Travel Channel again. I desperately need a WDW fix so I thought I’ll watch this thing again for the 4099302th time. It’s a NEW one!! They had a whole section about the castle room, the new Pirates, a refurbed Haunted Mansion! It just started at 11:00 p.m. so turn on Travel Channel!!! I think some of the old interviews and some clips are still in there–so don’t get discouraged if you see a clip that looks familiar.:laugh: :laugh:


i only got to see the cruise one (which i have seen a dozen times) - still really makes me wanna cruise!!


I noticed that last time it was on! I was thinking the same thing- here we go again, same old show, but I’ll watch it because it’s Disney. I was excited to see it was updated!!


That’s good to know because I find myself thinking the same thing. Maybe they should change the title somewhat. “WDW Behind the Ears 7” :biggrin:

emamasa - you should take the cruise. They are $$$ (what vacation isn’t?) but really nice and relaxing.


It’s a NEW ONE???

:goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce:

I Tivo’d it!!! I NEVER Tivo them anymore because they’re always the same old same old, but I needed a fix… and YAY! I’ll watch it tonight!!!


well…we can’t go next year, so we have an extra year to save!! ouch - i hate thinking it’ll be 2009 till i go again. wow, that just stinks! :crying:

but…yeah, a cruise would be sooo worth the wait!!


yeah…they really do need to make some new ones. I didn’t catch this one though… I am sure they will show it over and over.


I watched 3 of them over the weekend. All the same but I still found myself watching


There were WDW shows a couple of days this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed the one on Disneyland. It really made DW eager to check it out. Maybe we will hav eto take a trip out west in the not too distant future.


Here is a like to what’s upcoming on TV about Disney if you haven’t seen it already
Disney Theme Parks Related TV for the Week


AWESOME link!!!


Somebody posted it here awhile back and I think it’s great to know when a show is going to be on


Thanks for the info
Glad to know I am not the only one who keeps checking the Travel Channel for Disney Shows.


If it isn’t watching sports then it’s the Travel chanel for me


super groovy, thanks!! i haven’t seen the new ones yet…but i’ve sure gotten alot-o-mileage out of the old ones :blink: i’m so glad they’ve updated!!


I saw that! I got so excited when I discovered that it was new that I called my hubby out to watch.


I’ll have to search this one on my tv guide so we can tivo it! Thanks for the heads up!