San Angel Inn?


I have ADRs for this this place when we are in WDW next week and I just read the reviews-they are awfull. What do you guys think??? should I cancel? Is it that bad?


I have personally eaten there about 5 times and enjoyed every time. I dont think its bad at all. My ONLY complaint is that its really dark inside, but I don’t even really mind that.

Also, if your ADR’s fall at 3pm or later be prepared to pay dinner prices instead of lunch. That did make me sorta mad one time, but I would say go get a big frozen margarita and enjoy!


We’re also eating there during our August trip. I’ve heard good and bad reviews, I’m just going to wait and form my own opinion. It’s someplace we’ve always wanted to try.


We’ve eaten there once and had a nice meal. I’m not in a hurry to return but I wouldn’t say we’re avoiding it either. The atmosphere was good but the service was hurried.


I’ve eaten there twice in the past 5 years, no complaints. My in-laws hated it but not because anything was ‘bad’ persay, they kept saying “this isn’t anything better than we can get at a Mexican restaurant at home.” Well, mind you, they live in South Florida so they DO have some great MExican restaurants there BUT the food wasn’t bad AT ALL, it was just nothing spectacular. The atmosphere is beautiful & the service was good.

I’d urge people to try it for themselves & see what they think. :smile:


I have to admit we don’t like it. We’ve eaten there 3 times and each time, it was progressively worse. At best it was average, at worst, I had beef tips that you could taste the freezer burn. It’s too bad - the setting is so beautiful - I WANT to like it, but after three trys - no we won’t eat there again.


Have to agree with your FIL. It’s never impressed me. Both times I’ve eaten there, it’s been sort of bland. I think the counter service outside is actually better.

The atmosphere is so so with too many tables crammed in. Too noisey.

There are much better meals to be had in EPCOT.


We ate there last year and really enjoyed it. The food was good and we really enjoyed the feel of the restaurant. Even if the food was only OK we would go back for the Ambiance. As a matter of fact we are in August.


Are the chips tostidos? I read that they are on more then one review.


The chips were just like every other Mexican restaurant we go to. They weren’t round white Tostitos but the larger restaurant style chips.


we ate there the summer of 2007.


it was something different from all the american cuisine at MK and DHS
Mexico - is a really cool building
our waiter was spot on
you can see the mexico ride from certain parts
the food was good (not extraordinary, but good)…this is Mexican food though - it’s very roots are simple ingedients and recipes.
I do remember my dish being the best out of the 4 ordered from our table…I had something that centered around steak. I cant remember, but it had nice long strips of steak with very little fat - I LOVED it. The other dishes were the OK dishes.


it is dark in there
some of the other dishes at our table were simple, but then again - when you order a cheese enchilada - there is only so much you can do with that.

I liked it and thinking about booking it for the Candlelight Processional for our Christmas trip…but only if we go Deluxe Dining. The only for sure repeat right now is Prime Time (it was just too much fun).


We did not care for it as well. We found the menu was limited…the thing I wanted was not on the dinner menu, but on the lunch menu and they would not allow me to have it. The portions were small for the price. And last but not least, my son had the chicken there and was sick the entire night.

We wont be returning except to go on the ride.


We used to be huge fans of the San Angel Inn, however, it won’t be on the top of our list anytime soon. We have been there many times in the past and loved everything about it, food, atmosphere, and a great break from the heat!! However, our most recent trip this past March/April, things changed. I was loving the experience and we were so excited to be seated right next to the water. Unfortunately, the food was not very good at all. It seemed that the menu had changed from previous years, at least how I had remembered, and I was really disappointed with the meal.

Friends of ours are going in Sept and they are trying their first ever Disney TS meals and I talked them out of this place and trying one of the many other great restaurants in EC.

But, like I always say, you have to try everything once and make the decision for yourself. You may find a treasure that you yourself love.


I think if the menu appeals to you…go for it! I always feel like you need to formulate your own opinions. I’ve never been to San Angel but the menu doesn’t really appeal to me. However, Cantina de San Angel is wonderful!


[QUOTE=Mickey Mom;976698] I was loving the experience and we were so excited to be seated right next to the water. Unfortunately, the food was not very good at all. It seemed that the menu had changed from previous years, at least how I had remembered, and I was really disappointed with the meal.


The menu HAS changed, alot. That was our disappointment on the second visit and by the third visit there was really not much that appealed to us at all, (hence the beef tips). I agree that people should try things once for themselves, though. Everyone’s tastes are different.


The atmosphere is fantastic, but I went with some friends and none of us really had a desire to eat there again afterwards. I forget what I ordered but it had two different sauces on top, green and red, along with a sour cream sauce inside… it was just too many flavors clashing for me. Two of my friends had steak which they said was so-so. The three of us thought the plating of our meals was kind of messy and unappetizing. Another friend just had a nacho appetizer and we all agreed it looked and tasted the best!

I’d say try it! You never know till you do. If you don’t love the food, at least enjoy the atmosphere. We asked for a table by the water at lunch time and got it easily.


We also enjoyed it. DD fell asleep right before we were getting seated, and the CM’s made room for her in a very crowded, dark seating area while she slept in her stroller next to us.


My suggestion is if you are on normal DP and have limited number of days or not on DP and have limited budget…don’t try it. If you are Deluxe DP or you know you are going to sit down and eat 2 table service meals or more a day…it is worth a shot.


I liked it. DM did not, but only because they didn’t have what she was in the mood for therefore spoiling her appetite for what she ended up with. DH didn’t like his steak, HELLO! It’s Mexican not LeCellier. I put that up there with ordering fish at a burger joint.

If you’re paying OOP, i’d go for lunch that way if you’re not impressed you won’t be out as much or else have a larger lunch and just do apps & rita’s for dinner and enjoy the atmosphere, which is DEFINITELY worth it.


We went there for dinner in January. I was very disappointed; the atmosphere is wonderful with the canal and volcano (the room is fairly noisy but not so noisy that you can’t hear your dinner partner.) The food left me cold…I guess my idea of Mexican food is Taco Bell.