Sanaa menu details and food pics!


Wow, this looks really good to me – check out those scallops! This is going to be a fun new place for everyone to try. Please, anyone who eats at Sanaa, give some detailed descriptions!

Sanaa Shows Off Some of Its Works of Art - Photos of New Menu Items (UPDATED) |


OooO, that does look good!


That does look very good.


OMG, I am drooling over the Spice-crusted cornish game hen with turnips and cherries and this
“Dum biryani, fresh vegetables and basmait rice, wrapped in bread dough served with pineaple raita” sounds fantastic as well.


OOh made me hungry I love anything Tandoori too


Give me those lamb chops NOW! Everything looks delicious!


Holy YUM! I cannot wait for this place to open!!!


I am not sure I even know what tandoori is… can you describe the flavors please?


Wow, that looks wonderful! Any rumors on how many TS credits?


I am REALLY hoping it’s only 1 credit. We want to eat there when we stay at Kidani Village in June but if it ends up being 2 credits we’ll probably skip it.

Jiko is 2, right?


:crying: All right I am officially starving now! Not fair at all! :laugh:


I’ll have the cornish game hen…


I LOVe cornish hens! My Grandma used to make them & they were sooooo good! I am hungry too. :tongue:


Um…hello yummy! Those pictures look heavenly!