Sand at the water parks


somebody out there said there was sand at the water parks,is there such a thing:ohmy:


At Typhoon Lagoon there’s sand where the lounge chairs are, but then it turns into concrete as you get close to the water. Suggestion- wear water shoes!


There’s also sand in some of the lounge chair areas at BB but you have to walk on the sidewalk to get from place to place.


I might be alone but I miss River Country. It seemed so much more relaxing.


Only went there once but I miss it also. It is sad to see parts of it from the boat to Fort Wilderness.

And yes there is sand at both waterparks I believe.


Yup, there’s sand…not a lot, but enough to be annoying if it gets stuck all over you. :tongue:


Haha…ain’t that the truth…of course I like to put my toesees in the sand…:happy:


Me too! :happy: The only time I DON’T like the sand is when it is thrust upon me involuntarily…like when someone shakes out their towel and I’m walking by (soaking wet, conveniently.) :dry: :laugh:


Oh…sorry…was that you!:blink: :laugh:


Yup. Still pickin’ sand outta my teeth too…thanks. :ph34r: :tongue:


Peppertink strikes again! :pirate:


Just wanted to be sure you had a souvenier to take home with ya:happy: :whistling


Well even ice cream is crunchy now, so I have no problem remembering THAT WDW trip! :blow: :cool:


See…I was just thinking of your best interest! Knew you’d get to relive fond WDW memories everytime you crunched a grain of sand…I’m so nice:rolleyes: :wacko:


You are PT. Really, no one has ever been that thoughtful or considerate! :wub:


Fond memories of River Country as a kid, definately is missed!!!

Yup sand in most lounge areas for the kids. You can get a sundae in a pail which comes with a shovel too. Keeps from having to lug your beach toys to the park.


@ Typhoon Lagoon