Sand Diego to Anaheim


Look at me. I’m leaving for Italy tomorrow and I’m already thinking about a future trip.

My cousin has to go to San Diego on business in February. The hotel room will be paid for, all I’ll have to pay for is the flight. I’ll have plenty of free time to myself, and although I know there is a lot to see and do in San Diego, I’m of course thinking of Disneyland.

What’s the best way for a guy with no car to get from San Diego to Anaheim? Is it possible to do in one day? Just how far is it, exactly?

Thanks in advance to all my west coast friends.


Not sure why I typed “Sand” Diego in the title of this thread. Could a moderator go in and correct it for me? It’s quite embarrassing :blush:


We just made this drive a couple of weeks ago. It was a fairly easy drive … should have taken around 90 minutes but I had to stop at the outlet mall in Carlsbad on the way. We made the drive on a Tuesday afternoon avoiding rush hour and was surprised how easy it was …traffic wasn’t bad at all. We drove our rental car from San Diego to Anaheim but I had heard there are some buses that make the trip.

Have a great time and take lots of pictures in Italy!:cool:


It’s an hour and a half through bitter traffic. :frown:

Why don’t you take the train?

I rode it going up to Union Station when I left, but will be doing it for sure my next trip up.(assuming I can get a hotel in anaheim this time)

It’s just as cheap as renting a car. And you get a better view. The station is about three blocks from Disneyland. :wub:

Disneyland is possible in one day. Two days are best. :happy:


No comments on “Sand” Diego. Just wanted to say that if we didn’t always have our next trip in mind, there would be no MouseBuzz!


Oh, that’s what I was going to say! The train is a great way to get around that area. No stupid traffic!


The bus is only about $40 round trip if I remember right. But if you can afford the train, it’s way more convenient, quick and comfortable.


If you don’t want to enjoy a beautiful traffic filled drive(HAHA) I would take the train like 626 and Pu said. Pick up the train in downtown San Diego(or is it Sand Diego?), it goes into Anaheim(right at Angel Stadium) not too far from the Mouse:) . The only problem, not sure if it’s a problem, is that you are restricted to the time schedule of the train. But…there are lots of departure and return times. I would rent a car…but I like to drive and don’t mind traffic too much…just crank up the tunes and go…very slowly…haha


Or…bring a friend and have company on the drive! :happy:

My friends were talking about seeing S.D. when we go to DL, but I didn’t remember it being that close. I could have sworn it was further away than that. Maybe because it took us so long to make the drive. We stoppped at some places along the way. Capistrano, I think? :blink:


There are neat places to stop between Disneyland and San Diego. San Juan Capistrano is one of them. :laugh:

One view that is priceless is the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton. :wub:

Because it’s a military base, the Marines have by default prevented development. Now I’m not a greenie, but here is the last stretch of natural scrub on the West Coast. :huh:

You actually get to see what California looked like in the Fifteenth Century, before Orange Trees and irrigation projects. In fact, it makes you appreciate the effort Disney has done in creating the garden that is Disneyland. :wub:


I bet Peppertink will come and get you for real cheap! If she says no then just remind her that she owes her Goof Father a little favor and it is time to pay up… :wink:


Yay San Diego! :laugh: :heart: And the drive from here (SD) to Anaheim is only about 85 minutes…


Hey…I thought I paid that favor…remember…I got Pumouse to ease off on the stalking???:happy:


WRONG! I say when you have paid the favor! And I say NOT!


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