Sanford Airport


Has anyone flown into Sanford as opposed to Orlando? We are flying out the 23rd out of South Bend, IN on Allegiant Air and was wondering how far from WDW it is.


I looked it up yesterday and it was 40-50 miles away. We are also looking at using Allegiant Air in April because it is SO much cheaper than the other airlines. Has anyone flown Allegiant Air before? Or used the Sanford airport?


I don’t think you can get ME from there


We flew into Sanford once and it did seem an awful long way out in comparision to Orlando International.
Bearing in mind it was several years ago when we had to use it- the place seemed very very basic -nothing like Orlando at all.
I was told it was built to take the British overspill from OIA however, I dont know how true that is, but there were an awful lot of UK travellers there.
Personally, I prefer Orlando but thats just me :slight_smile:


I personally have not flown them but my aunt and uncle did in May. They LOVED Allegiant! The airport they said was simple, small but okay.


We have flown usa3000 from philly to Ft. Lauderdale before because it was $32 one way. It was a 3 hour drive butnot too bad because we saved on airfare…


We have always flown into Sandford (all but once) and its a great little airport, usually really quick to get through but there isn’t a whole lot there to do so when waiting for your return flight take a book or magazine, there is an arcade, for about $10 youngsters can have unlimited access an the games inside are free. Its about 1 - 1 1/2 hours away from WDW. We’ve never had a problem with the place, it just is pretty small and basic.


we will fly allegiant next year when we go, 5 of us, and its so much cheaper. We will rent a minivan and travel in. I hear its not bad at all, in fact, way less congested than orlando international and easy to maneuver in terms of traffic. If it saves money, go for it!


Friend of ours did. They said it was fine. You have to weigh out the cost of Rental car plus gas. add that on to ticket prices.


Wow! I have never heard of Alegiant Air. I am stunne4d at the $32 one-way ticket price! I wonder if that airline comes to my area???


We flew Allegiant last June. I was taking a group of High schoolers. There were over 30 of us so we had a charter bus pick us up. It was just a slightly longer drive than MCO, but so much easier to navigate. After getting off the plane, we were out of the airport in less than 20 minutes!! We will use then again this May and may go in March on our own. They are SO much cheaper out of Knoxville.

The transportation to WDW is more, but the airport is so easy to navigate. On the way back it took only about 10 min to get through security. I would use it. Although there is no ME, the price and ease made it worth it.


Go to and they list all of airports they service.