Sanford Airport


Inexpensive transportation from Sanford Airport to Disney Hotel? Does it exist? There are three of us traveling this time and the cheapest I have found is a rental car from Budget for $120… hoping to find a shuttle that might be cheaper


I don’t think you are going to find any cheaper than that…I’d take it.


Hi Jen! Welcome to MB. Are you keeping the car for a few days or returning it once you arrive?


Its a real shame 'cause I can get great airfares to Sanford from here, but all my airfare savings would get eaten up by the ground transportation on the Florida end of the trip.:noo:


How far is Sanford airport from WDW? will flights from philly go there?


I just found out the a regional airport near me is starting to have direct flights to Sanford Airport. If I could get a good car rental, I would take it as I like the flexibility of having my own car.


Jen, have you checked with Mears? They offer shuttle service from Sanford.

dancing4Disney, The sanford airport have the major rental car companies on-site. I imagine the rates would be similiar to what would be charged at the Orlando airport.

All, fyi. The Sanford airport is on the far east side of Orlando. If you take I-4 I imagine it is around 40-50miles while if you take the Greenway it is 55 miles


That sounds incredibly inexpensive to me…


I just found Alligent Airlines who fly into Sanford Airport. They had rates for as little as $29 from Raleigh NC. I called a town car service on the Sanford airport web site, it was going to cost $120 + tip to go to Disney hotels.


Sounds cheaper to rent a car for a few days!


Does Quicksilver not pick up at Sanford? I was looking into flying in there and booking Quicksilver.


Mears have a desk at Sandford, not too sure on the prices, and theres an Alamo there too. We’ve used Tiffany Town Cars in the past and always found them reasonable, hit their name into google, all the prices are on their website!


Yes, we do offer service from Sanford airport.

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thank you all. . . miss the convenience of magical express but like the cheap price of allegiant air.