Has anyone rented a car out of Sanfors airport? Any suggestions?


I haven’t rented a car out of Sanford , but my DH has flown out of there and works by there everyday. Don’t know if that helps. Not sure what kind of info you were looking for. Let me know if I can help. We live only 10 minutes from Sanford.


can’t say that I have ever rented In sanford but be aware it is about a hour away from WDW, and the easiet way to get to wdw is 417 there will be alot of tolls to get there I’d say about $5.00+ to get to wdw. If you go on I-4 you will encounter lots of traffic as you approch Downtown Orlando.


Thanks for the info about Sanford. We are flying in to that airport because of excellent fares with Southeast airlines. I was wondering if there some rental agencies that are more convenient to rent from than others at that airport. We will be travelling with small children and would like to make our transportation from the airport as simple as possible. Thanks for any info. anyone has.


Make sure to bring something for your kids to do on the drive it will be about a 1/2 hour of regular anytown usa driving if you take 417, then you will be south of ORLNADO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, then your kids will proably be more intrested in all the billboards on the side of the road. If you take I-4 they will still be board for the first 1/2 hour to 45 mins depending on traffic in downtown Orlando then they will start to see everything for international drive and so forth and be occupied by that.

As far as getting a car quicker I would recomend signing up on the internet for something like the dollar fastlane program, or nationals emerald isle, or budget fast break, most are the same however your information will already be on file so You don’t have to go through as much paperwork to get the car.


i think i read on the quicksilver website that they also will go to sanford. it was, however, a bit more expensive. i think the site was just, but don’t quote me on that. i hope this information is correct because we too might have to go through sanford. so what if it is an extra hour. it’s better than driving for 20 hrs, (central ny). good luck!


I think Specialty car rental has a location in Sanford and also enterprise