Santa Goofy at WOD NYC


I have this pic posted in chit chat, but for those that can’t see it, I thought I would post it here! If you live in the NYC area, I would definately recommend a trip to WOD while Santa Goofy is there. They have a great backdrop set up and there was no real line while I was there. They even offered to take a pic with my camera so I didn’t have to buy their’s…which I did anyway! But, what a great christmas card pic for those who aren’t at MVMCP!


That is a lovey picture, you have a beauitful family!


Wow, I hope we can get there. That is a beautiful picture, your little girl is so cute!


Super cute! That reminds me that we should head over there before we fly out for WDW next week and pick up some fun Christmas WDW stuff to wear in the parks!


Great picture!! Thanks for posting it! :mickey: :mickey:


Cute picture…I love Goofy!


We were there a week ago,what a great place for PDD. Got some xmas gifts and for Thanksgiving a salt and pepper shaker with Mickey and Minnie dressed as pilgrims. PrincessPooh, I think we are neighbors, I live just down the street…(DP ave. in the next town)


awww, that is so cool, wish I lived near enough to go :tongue:
your girl is so beautiful, I love that you all got dressed up nice, great pic!



We are right around the corner from each other, I’m on Burlington…we should get together one day!!


AWESOME! I love Santa Goofy!

By the way, is that a “helper” Santa Goofy or is it the “real” Santa Goofy???


UMmm…not sure…I would think the “real” santa goofy is in WDW…this is probably just his “helper…” Just guessing here!


I am taking the kids on Friday!!! Can’t wait!
Sometimes, we just find a quiet corner in the store, put our stuff down on the floor, and just hang out because it LOOKS just right! Feels right too! I love this store and am so thankful that it is still around!