Santa Hat Poll


Santa hat or no Santa hat? DC members, make your call.


I think we should make it Seasonal.


LOL, OK, I get the hint. I have been waiting for our new design forever, and I am supposed to get it this week sometime (probably will be next week though). As soon as I get that, we will get a new logo, sans santa hat.


This is like the people that leave their Christmas lights up all year. :pinch:

I’m sorry Mickey, but I have to be firm. Lose the Santa hat. It’s almost time for bunny ears. (You’ve already missed Valentine’s and St. Patricks).


Mick-man, you do what you want when you want. I like Christmas stuff.


Didn’t we end up with a butt crack (what I thought was a belt loop) the last time we brought this up? LOL

I like Christmas stuff…


Hey, even though I started the poll, I voted to keep the Santa hat! No pressure here! :wink:

However, there may be pressure for a Mickey 15-day TR! :angel:


I voted keep it–heck, it’s almost April already.


Personally I would love to see bunny ears.


I want Christmas to come…but I agree, we can do a lot for all the other holidays…including Arbor Day with a shrubbery growing right on top! lol


Oops! :eek: :excl:


Whats funny is that I didn’t even notice the Santa hat until I read this thread…oops! I say leave it, Christmas will be here again in nine short months! :tongue:


I can tell by the look in DC Man’s eye that he’s just DYING to try out some other holiday hats.


Mickey, you’re a good sport, lol!

I’d like to see bunny ears, an Uncle Sam hat, etc. on the new guy, if there is a ‘new guy’ on the new logo :huh:


I just want a Mickey bar!! :tongue:


oooooh Mickey - new logo like totally NEW logo? Or new logo like no Santa hat new logo…




Too late! I GOT IT! :tongue:


New logo or old logo… take it off. :tongue:


I voted for no Santa hat! :happy: