Saratoga Springs - a few questions


Looks like we could be staying at the SS next August now that its been opened up to non DVC members.
So, we were wondering…

  1. Does SS have the refillable mugs?
  2. Is the Carosel section really as bad as it sounds and really THAT far away from the main building etc?
    3)Whats the onsite shop/eatery like?



I think SS does have refillable mugs…not positive though.
I stayed at Carousel and it is a little bit of a hike but very enjoyable.
The onsite shop/eatery is standard fare like the other resorts.The food was tasty with a nice selection.
Saratoga gets beat up on alot but it really is a beautiful and relaxing resort. If you are looking for constant excitement then Disney offers that at other resorts. That is the great thing about Disney, they take care of all needs and tastes.
SS is my home resort and I have never had a bad experience with location, buses, rooms or anything else. You will have a great time based on my experiences there!


SS is my home resort and I love it there. In my opinion SS is a relaxing resort, nice and quiet. They are just like any other resort, food court and shopping but it is a large resort. They do have an internal bus that you can ride from your building to the main building. We have only stayed three different places at WDW, ASMo’S, OKW and SS. I will say that out of the three I enjoyed the food court at ASMo’s the best.


We love SSR. It is a quite resort. But we have never had an issue. With anything.


I have never stayed in the Carousel section but we have stayed in a few other areas and I think the walk is very manageable.
I’m prety sure they have refillabel mugs btu we do nto usually get them anyway.
As for the shop/food area it is very nice. The store is your average Resort store and you can eat at the walk up eatery Artiste’s Palette or get a sit down at the Turf Club Bar & Grill.
Downtown Disney is a stone’s throw away, and there is plenty to eat there.


I was just there in July and yes they all have the refillable mugs. The Carousel is pretty fair away from the main check-in but the shuttle buses can take you there. If you have kids they’ll love the main pool, you can always request a room by there. The food is as someone else said, standard fare. A large portion for the price, too! I found the buses were not running every 20 minutes as stated. Give yourself an extra 15-20 minutes if you have reservations to make sure you get there on time.:blush:


Thanks everyone, I didnt realise there was a seperate shuttle bus to take you to the main building, how often does that run?
Does it take long to get to any of the theme parks?


Just got back, and yes, there are refillable mugs… we were at the Grandstand… the pool is GREAT!!! The kids really liked it better than the main pool. It is a very nice resort, you will love it!!


Hello Dianewes,
Welcome to our world. I hope you have fun.


Grandstand?? I thought there were only 3 sections or have I been looking at a very old map lol?


There are actually 5 sections in SSR. The Grandstand is the newest section.
Congress Park opened in 04, The Springs & Paddock opened in 05 and Carousel and Grandstand are the last 2 sections to open. The entire resort is to be complete by the end of this year.


When DH and I were back last November they did have refillable mugs but ran out and had Epcot mugs so we never got one. When DM and I went to OKW this past May they also have the mugs, however they werent themed to the resort. It had a DVC logo on it. I read on another post hear and heard about it while we were there that Disney wasnt going to do resort themed refillable mugs anymore that they were all going to be the same.
I havent been there since May so I dont know if this has happened or isnt going to at all. I know that someone else here on MB knows the answer to that ?


Hello! I have stayed at SSR and am staying there again in November for 10 days. My husband LOVES Saratoga Springs because it’s quiet, the buses were VERY fast and plentiful when we were there, and having the boat to DtD was really convenient. I have mixed feelings about the resort b/c I really feel like it’s just a cookie-cutter Florida condo park. We’ve only stayed in the Springs building and I think I got spoiled having a room directly across from the main pool/common areas. I think I might be a little upset if we got put in a building far away from the lobby; we never have a rental car & I know there are internal buses but I don’t remember seeing them too often.

You’ll love SSR if you prefer the move secluded & quiet resorts. I also really liked the whole quick service food area. I thought the breads & salads they had there were delicious.


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Being from upstate NY and with Saratoga Springs only a 30 minute drive north of us, i’m really looking forward to seeing just how much the SSR looks and compares to our Saratoga Springs. The pictures look beautiful. Our first ADR is at the Turf so we’ll get a good look. I’m even going to have some Saratoga bags on me we got at the race track. :laugh:

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My family just got back from 2 weeks at AKL and the mugs wern’t the usual ‘Mara’ ones, they were the ‘dream’ ones, with Mickey and the gang in their posh blue outfits, I guess they’ve started to make the changes!

I didnt realise there were more sections, Ill have to have a look into them and see whats best to request. How good are they at handling requests? We really liked the quiet atmosphere of the POR so it would be good to have that again, we just dont fancy being so far away from the main building!