Saratoga Springs Bus Routes


Anyone remember the stops/route the disney buses take once they enter the resort. And are there any additional stops leaving the resort?


I just went and re-read my trip report from when I stayed there and apparently I did not note the bus route. I do remember that the Springs was LAST on the route. I stayed in the Paddock and can remember being second stop on the way in the resort. That’s all I can remember about the route. I do remember the transportation was amzing there, so where you are on the route really shouldn’t matter.


I believe that Grandstand is the first pick-up and most importantly - it’s the first drop-off.


I believe you are right. Isn’t it Grandstand, Paddock, the other section who’s name is escaping me and then Springs or something like that?? It’s been a few years and I can’t remember…lol


I think it’s Grandstand, Congress Park, Paddock, Carousel and The Springs. I’ll let you know for sure in 10 days! Yippee!


Yes please let me know the routes. Have a blast on your trip!!!


Just got back today!! I THINK it was The Grandstand, Congress Park, Carousel, Paddock and then the Springs…


Any confirmations on the routes?


I will be there on Saturday and Im bringing my laptop so if noone else has answered it I will let you know…


Just Got back. These were the Building routes.