Saratoga Springs, here we come!


Well, since the hurricane has not blown us all away, and my 41st birthday is next Monday, we decided to see if anything is available for us to use our DVC points on – we’ve hoarded them all this time and we need to use them. We’ve never stayed at Saratoga – it was the only one available on such short notice – but it really does look like a pretty resort. Has anyone else stayed there?

We will, of course, do a trip report… :happy:



That’s our Home resort. It is a HUGE place but is beautiful. It’s very relaxing. We love it.


Happy pre birthday dude. We love SSR. Go for the Springs as they are close to everything. Enjoy.


Happy Birthday and let me know what you think of SSR because I am going for the first time in November. Can’t wait to hear.


Yay, another Bear TR to look forward to. :wub: :cool:

But since y’all are gonna be on the road, I guess I’d better get your cake and wishes out early…:ph34r:

EARLY Happy Birthday, David!


SSR is our home resort. Beautiful place. If you eat at SSR, go for the chicken caeser salad or the flatbread. You’ll have a great time.


:blush: Thank you all!! :wub:


Happy un-birthday to you!!!

We just bought at SSR in April, and I visited there on our recent trip. I’ll be adding some more photos of it in my TR later tonight. It is quite large, but the decor is very attractive.

Prezcatz Paul


Cool! As we will both have scooters, we will get to explore it – I have given it short shrift for some time but perhaps it it Providential that it was the place available for my birthday…


Got scooter rental set up!!

No ADRs yet though. :blush:


Please stop by City Hall to say hello!!!


Have fun at my house, I left the key under the door for you and fresh pastries on the counter. :heart:


We love SSR!! The pool is very relaxing!! Hope you enjoy it too. Can’t wait to read all about it. Have a happy birthday!!


I didn’t know you were a part of the DVC family. But now that I think of it, everything else in your house is disney, so DVC is a natural.

Have a wonderful birthday.


We will indeed!!!


Have a fun time guys, and if you see Pooh, tell him I said hi!


Yippee-another TR! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy! :heart:


And off we go early – we decided to get a cheap room nearby rather than drive tomorrow, but as WDW is only an hour and a half away as opposed to 3 or 4 or 5 hours away, getting there at 1 or 2 will be fine (checkout’s 11 AM and all, and we can pick up a couple of things at a local grocery – decent coffee, milk, sweetener, etc. – and just go right over there in what, 15 minutes? That’s worth and extra $30!) – but I think we’re in real danger of dithering all day till leaving and wondering why we lost half the day or more if we go tomorrow. :blush: :laugh: Well, we’re learning, at least!!


Earlier, anyway. :blush:

2:25 AM, and heading out soon


We’re back!! With many pics!! We learned some things this trip…

Especially… Go to the parks!! Go to the parks!! Go to the parks!! :blush:

Get up early, the rain hits later in the day. :blush:

And more!