Saratoga Springs or Key West


hi all. Can you give me advice on both of the above resorts. I have never stayed at either and am thinking of staying at one of them next year.
I want to know what the Studio rooms are like also…I mean, are they about the same size as the rooms at , lets say, POR? Bigger? smaller? Are they suitable for a family of 3 adults and 1 child?

Any advice greatly appreciated and received.

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I have been to both and LOVE SSR. The rooms are very nice and roomy enough for all of you. You get a mini kitchen. It has a little fridge,microwave and a small sink. I like the layout and the ambiance of SSR versus OKW. The pool is nice for little ones and adults would love it as well, ok, this adult does. I really like the food court also. I would surely choose SSR over OKW.


The rooms at OKW are huge!


one thing to know that the rooms in OKW are bigger and you get 2 beds …at SSR you get one bed and a sleep sofa …don’t know if that affects you in any way…I have never stayed at OKW so I will let others fill you in …but the food court at SSR in my opinion is nothing to write home about ,but that is me some others like it…I think if you read between the lines when you have a place that some like and others don’t it usually about the total selection and what that selection might be …so check that out also …but either is OK …it is disney after all…


We own at SSR but we always pick OKW over it. When are you planning on going? There are remodeling the rooms now. Like the others said OKW rooms are bigger.


I’ve only stayed at OKW out of the two, but have to tell you that the rooms are huge, and cozy and comfortable. In fact, the entire resort is “comfortable.” Its beautiful to walk around, the cm’s are outstanding and I like the atmosphere. The boat to DTD is a plus and out of all the resorts I have stayed on sight, even though there are 5 bus stops, the buses seem to be the most efficient. I don’t believe I ever waited more than 5 minutes for a bus to our destination. I believe OKW is the hidden jewel of all DVC resorts.


I have stayed at both.

OKW: Our one bedroom was bigger than apartments Ive rented. The main pool was better that the green pool at SSR. Bus service seemed better than SSR.

SSR: Better dining and a walk to Downtown if you are on the edges. Quiet pools were ok.

I’ll stay at OKW before SSR again, more relaxed throughout.


Here is a video of a remodeled 1 br.YouTube - The New Disney’s Old Key West Resort May 2010
I can’t wait to go back now…I may have to split my stay in Nov.


I have never stayed at ssr but have stayed at okw a couple of times. I really liked okw. The rooms are huge, which is a big plus in my book. The buses are efficient and the whole place is beautiful. Very cozy. The downside is the restaurant, Olivias. We’ve eaten there 3 times and swear to never go back. The service was the worst we’ve ever had on Disney property (it was like this each time we went) and the food is nothing to write home about. But besides that I love okw and would stay there again in a heartbeat.


GREAT advice so far guys-thank you so much! We are thinking of staying here 2011 in the last 2 weeks of August. We usually do our entire vacation with Virgin Holidays but this time around I would prefer to do the whole thing seperatly. I am a bit nervous about this at the same time however as It is not something we have ever done and I am worried about marrying up flights with accom etc and not messing it all up! This is a great start though. I appreciate it. xx


I lean towards Old Key West. It feels homier and the rooms are the biggest of the DVC resorts as well.


I’ve never stayed at either, but I would choose Old Key West. Saratoga reminds me of a golf resort, not upstate NY. There’s so much parking lot…

Old Key West has a homey feeling… nice and laid-back. Plus, the Old Key West studios have two queen beds instead of one queen bed and a double pull-out sofa.


We have stayed at both and prefer SSR. The beds are more comfortable. OKW is an older resort and has it’s wear. owever, if you get a refurbished room, that woudl not be an issue. We were in OKW during the Christmas season. It was ok, but we won’t go back.


We just got back from a stay at OKW. It is our home resort so we are a bit partial. We stayed at SSR in 2008 and weren’t sure we would like it. It turned out to be a great stay. The food options were more than what we are used to at OKW. This most recent stay at OKW, we were the first occupants in a refurbished studio. It was really nice…almost as nice as when we first started going. One of the castmembers told us that the 1 and 2 bedrooms now have hardwood floors. I can’t wait to see them next year.


We’ve stayed at both and I love both.

OKW is probably my sentimental favourite, because we’ve stayed there so many times - but I do love the ambience of a little village and you can’t beat the size of the rooms. Olivia’s Restaurant is one of the best sleeper restaurants at WDW. Counterservice is almost non-existent at OKW, except for the kiosks at the pools.

SSR is beautiful too. It’s great to be able to walk to the Marketplace. The Turf Club is a good restaurant and the food court - once you get use to the system - is quite good.

The bus service at both resorts is good. No matter which you choose I think you’ll be happy.


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Haven’t stayed at SSR but took a tour there last year and it was looked great!