Saratoga Springs Pool


Were just finalizing thoughts for our 7/29 trip. We have booked Saratoga for the week and requested Congress park to be close to Downtown Disney. Im wondering about the pool situation, and was looking for your thoughts.

  1. Do the quiet pools have a shallow end? My 4 year old son can do about 3’3" max of water.

  2. Crouds at the main pool, are there plenty of seats? Lockers? Changing rooms?

  3. How are the pool bars?

Any thoughts or hints would be appreciated. I have never even been to this resort.


It’s been a couple of years since we stayed there so I don’t remember details. My son had just turned 5 and could swim alone in the quiet pool (while I did laundry). I do know we liked the pool bar and had several good drinks there.


We stayed at SSR three times, but have never used the main pool - but I’ve walked past it alot.:laugh: When we’ve been there it never seems to be really busy. But all the kids look like they’re having a ball. We always use the quiet pools - my favourite is the one overlooking the Sassagoula River. I’m not really sure how shallow it is… The Grandstand area has a new pool which looks very kid-friendly, with a playground right next to it. Sorry I can’t be more help…


I would like to also know how the pools are, we are going in November, I had heard that main pool area was very nice, waterslide and all.


The main pool area has 2 slides-a bigger one and then a pretty small one. My kids enjoyed both. I do not believe that the quiet pool in Congress Park has a shallow end, but it has very wide stairs that my daughter waded around on. Both pools were nice in my opinion!! We did not use the pool bar. My kids and husband swam while I did laundry!!