Saratoga Springs Question


Ok, so it looks like my waitlist for AKV isn’t going to come through, I still have 3 days until the wait list period ends, but i am looking ahead.

I will do my online check in later this week and I was trying to remember what area of the resort I stayed in before but i can’t think of the name of it.

Can you all tell me what area of SSR is closest to Downtown Disney? And what is the area closest to the Theme Pool and Carriage House?



The ‘Springs’ is across the street from the pool and H House.
Congress Park is probably closest to DTD.


I agree with Boss - Springs is closest to carriage house. We stayed in Congres Park and we had a nice view of DTD from our balcony.


Not up there, but I LOVED the paddock!


Well i went ahead and did the online check in last night. I am pretty disappointed with it, only because when you get to room requests the only options were a refrigerator and a roll away bed. There was no where there to make a request for location within the resort or anything. They really should allow a comments section.

So i called DVC to give them my room requests.

Other than not having a comments section the online check in was really easy. So i will let you know how easy it actually is when i get to the resort next Friday morning.


I don’t know where I have been, but I had no idea you could check in on line to your resorts! I guess I am a bit confused… you checked in, how do you get your room key and meal plan, etc…? MOre info, this sounds like a great time saving option.

Now, back to you… why didn’t you wait the 3 days before you checked in, you never know! I know your excited and anxious, but you never know! When I was on a waitlist back in December, they said I droped off 7 days in advance, but I could call every day until check in if I wished!

I am not sure if the online check in means you are definately out for AKL, but if it doesn’t, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!


I asked when i called about a room location and they said that i am still on the waiting list.

As for the online check in this is relatively new, but the way it is supposed to work is there will be a special area to go to in the check in area for online check-ins and you just pick up your key to the world car.

When you do the online check in you supply them the credit card info to put on your account that way everything is waiting for you. And you can go in and edit your check-in info as well, so if i decide i want to use a different credit card i can log back in and change it.

Yesterday the online check in button automatically appeared when i went in and looked at my vacation details.


wow! that sounds cool. Cant wait to hear how it goes when you get there! Hope it saves a ton of time.