Saratoga Springs Resort


When i go to check in is there an area of the resort that you recommend that i ask for?


Yes, ask to be put in The Springs. It is situated closest to the lobby and the main pool.


Thanks for the advice!


Llama, do you recommend that over Congress Park? CP is close to DTD.


We stayed at Congress Park and it was a pretty short to DTD and the main building. I guess it depends on what is important to you on your stay.


Should we put in a request so that we do not get stuck in a “bad” building or would you all suggest that we just wing it? We only stayed there once and it was much smaller then.


We preferred the Springs over CP. There is a little know short cut to DD west side I’d be willing to share for a couple of shekles thrown my way.


I guess it’s which you prefer - the walk to DTD was only about 10 minutes from The Springs. We just preferred being closer to the lobby, food court and pool. But to each his own.


do they have the 2 room villas near the lobby? that is where we are staying in dec.


Oh yes - they have 2 bedrooms in all the buildings. All the buildings are virtually the same - just some locations are better than others. The resort is so huge - you can really be put out in the boondocks.


What is the best location to request for my 2 room villa in November. We have 2 teenager and 2 younger kids. We would like to be near the pool.


i hope our family will stay this resort.


“The Springs” is the closest area to the main pool.


cool. thanks for the info. dw is telling me she put a request in to stay @ the springs in dec…


we stay at grandstand ,overlooks golf course ,is very first bus stop,and secondary pool not to far but I can see why others would like other locations it is maturing and getting better all the time


Good Luck every request I made was unavailable and we ended up in the Grand Stands. Which was Heck and gone from everything. The CM that checked us in had no personality at all. I told her it was my son’s birthday and nothing happened. Our neighbor next door and across that hall had birthday cards on their doors .


in the past I have been given a room ,that I didnot like and some gentle prodding of the MANAGER got some results …don’t ever be afraid to raise the level of your concern…my requests have never gone unfulfilled …some CM are new when we checked in last trip we had a real newbie… one week…nice guy but not the most knowledgable…we had requested grandstand and a certain room that we had last year …and with the help of another CM got the exact room …and when we mentioned that we were having a small family reunion ,they immediately gave us some opins and celebration gifts …so NEVER be afraid to ask ,


I’ve stayed in Congress Park (dtd view) and the springs. The springs in next to the pool and food court. Congress park is a 5 min walk. I’m guessing 5 min but I had my car.


It always depends on your mood. When It is just Den an I we like out of the way for the quiet time. If he have the crew w/us, close to the actions is preferred.

Like the Rolling Stone taught us - “You get what you need.”