Saratoga Springs Spa


Anyone been and had any treatments? I was thinking about indulging myself a little and having a treament or two, just had a look at the prices and they seem pretty high (Manicures/Pedicures especially so might have them done at home!)
Anyone reccomend any of the treatments?


Although I haven’t been to the Spa since it has reopened as SSR, but did visit a couple of times when it was the Disney Institute.

I have only gotten massages there and the prices are comparable to other resort type spas. What I do for resort spas (even ones local), is to make it a day (or at least half day). I like to make a 10am massage appointment, but arrive there at around 9am. That way I can do some “pre-loosening” in the private whirlpools, sauna’s etc. (SSR has these). Then after the massage I partake of the whirlpools etc. again.


I have done the “50 minute Swedish” massage twice and it was heavenly on both accounts. It is definately worth it, but my opinion is that you should go for something “special,” not necessarily something you can just get at home like a mani or pedi. I want to try one of the hydratherapies, or maybe one of the body wraps. Hmm, I may even try the warm stone therapy next time.