Saratoga Springs virgin


Well after a number of visits to my fave resort (Beach Club), it looks like this December I am going to have to take my 3rd choice of Saratoga Springs.

Hey it’s Disney so I know it will still be awesome but I really would appreciate some input from everybody to convince me that I will be just as happy at Saratoga as I am at the Beach Club.

Things that make the Beach Club special to me:-

:mickey: Boardwalk location
:mickey: Stormalong Bay
:mickey: Watching Epcot fireworks every night from balcony
:mickey: ESPN bar is 2 minute walk away
:mickey: Boardwalk area is more laid back to the hussle and bustle of Downtown

OK - over to you Saratoga experts to win me over



I was a little apprehensive about SSR too but we ended up loving it when we stayed there in May. These were the reasons we loved it:

  • brand new rooms (they are BEAUTIFUL) & they actually seemed LARGER to me then the studios at Boardwalk Villas

  • The beautiful boat ride to Downtown Disney

  • The buses were fast, fast, fast! I don’t think we ever waited more than 10 minutes for a bus. It seemed like they were constant.

  • We were in “the Springs” sections, which I greatly suggest, and the pool was LITERALLY right across from our room. The pool was always pretty quiet and peaceful at night.


MrFlorida, I’m in the SAME boat as you. I am waitlisted for BCV, BWV AND WLV for the first week in December. And I am currently staying at SSR. I don’t have any hope of the waitlist coming through, since it seems there are so many people on that dang list! :ohmy:

Wish, it’s good to hear positive reviews on SSR. So I should request Springs? How far is that from the main house? From the busses?


ditto… i think we are all apprehensive because of the location of the resort compared to the parks. from what i hear, the busses are fast. i am going to hold judgement until i experience it for myself…


We loved Saratoga Springs. As far as the suites go they are basically the same layout as the Beach Club and Boardwalk Villas.

The pros of Saratoga are being so close to the Marketplace, being brand new, EXCELLENT bus service (which really surprised us). beautiful grounds and very nice pools.

The negative is that it’s HUGE. My advice would be to ask for a suite in The Springs section. You’ll be close to the main pool, the lobby and a bus stop - the walk to the Marketplace is a little further, but still only about 15 minutes.


I just phoned DVC. I clearly have no chance. They work there way through the wait list based on how many nights you want NOT how long you have been on it. I have been on the wait list since May for 14 nights. If somebody had just been on the wait list since only yesterday for a 4 night vacation, they would jump ahead of me if a 4 night cancellation came along. Therefore I clearly do not have a hope because I am going for so long whereas somebody going for just 3 or 4 night may have a chance even if they have not been on the waitlist very long. Huh - I’m not 100% happy with this. I appear to be being penalised for wanting to stay with Disney for a long period of time. Doesn’t seem quite fair. I now need to prepare myself for 14 nights at Saratoga. Oh well hardly the worse place in the world is it?



I would request it, it’s RIGHT across from the main building area. ALicefan stayed in Springs too.


Trust me, I think you will be surprised. It’s really nice.


how accommodating are they to requests for where to stay?


I’m cool with big resorts, my timeshare I own offsite is HUGE. I’m used to HUGE (although I usually only spend my time in the section I am in)

I’m so glad to hear that the busses are so good! We will have our car with us, so it’s not really an issue. But if we go to MK and DON’T want to park at TTC, then we might bus it.

And I LOVE the fact that it’s near DTD Marketplace.

Can you see fireworks from any rooms at SSR?


Check this link out that has reports on individual rooms at Saratoga. Some mention fireworks

Saratoga Springs Room Reports



The first time we stayed there we were right across from Pleasure Island and had a perfect view of the fireworks. The second time we were at The Springs, so no view of the fireworks, but much closer to the main parts of the resort. Personally, I’d take The Springs. I hope the bus transportation is the same for you as it was for us - it was the best service I’ve ever had.


if i have someone in my party that is on crutches, will i be more likely to get something close to the main building? my BIL (police officer) was injured on the job, and needed to have knee surgery. I am just curious because walking for him might me an issue. we already reserved a wheelchair for him in case he needs it.


Llama, I am totally taking your advice. The Springs it is! :wub:


I second all of these.

We didn’t really want to stay at SSR in May but we booked so late that it was the only DVC left. We didn’t make any room requests and ended up about as far form the main buildings as possible but it wasn’t too bad. The bus service was awesome, we didn’t wait more than 10 minutes for any bus in 10 days. Two (three if you count a trip my DH made alone) different times we were the only family on the bus going to a park. Only once or twice during our 10 days did we have to stand on the bus after the park closed.


SSR is like all of the Disney resort locations. Some good and some not so good about each location.

You are onsite, and have access to the transportation system. You can get to any park in minutes. Sure you can’t get to a park my monorail but there are no resorts where you can get to all of them by monorail. (Of course that isn’t always the fastest way to get around anyhow.)