Saratoga Springs


Any recommendations on best place to stay in this resort. We will have one efficiency and one 2 bedroom. Would like to be close to the buses, i think? There are limited comments on this resort due to the newness of it all. This is a great forum. Thanks to those who participate it makes it easier for us that have not been in decades but the magical memories remain! thanks!


From having been to Saratoga, and enjoying it. There is really no place that they put you that there is not a bus stop. There is on in each section and they are just outside the building group. You don’t have to walk far from any point and there is also a bus stop outside the main building (where Artist Palette, and the launch to DTD are) and pool. We could have ridden from the pool to Congress Park or DTD if we wished, but this resort is sol lovely we walked almost everywhere. It is designed for walking and is very serene. I hope this helps and enjoy yourself at the newest DVC resort. It is really nice and particularly beautiful. Be sure to look for the sketch easels in Artist’s Palette, your kids can draw while you fetch the food. My DD loved it.


I made reservations and asked for a room in the new section. It is right across from the pool (and bus stop). There is two sections, one with a parking lot and one with out. I asked for a water side third floor set of rooms. We are getting the same set up as you.


That’s where I’m staying when I go! Never stayed there before, so a new experience!


I’m psyched to check out this resort when I’m there in January, I might just be buying into it sometime in 2006…