Saratoga springs


i am going to saratoga springs in december. how are the busses to / from there?


take the train.

Ok I’m kidding - we’ve never had a problem. The buses were always timely. And welcome to DC!


We JUST got back from Saratoga Springs on Sunday!! Even thought the resort was HUGE the bus services really were impressive. We were in the Springs building and every morning there were never more than 5-10 people waiting with us. I also can’t say we EVER waited more than 10-15 minutes for a bus. I have to say, in retrospect, this was probably one of the BEST experiences I’ve had with buses in WDW.

Keep in mind though, that Saratoga does NOT have “internal” buses so if you are stuck way out there and don’t want to walk 20 minutes to get to the common areas you are most likely going to have to jump on a park bus, which stops at the “Springs” area last.


I am so happy to read your review, Wish. We are staying there next week and we always use the buses to get to the parks.


We just got back too and we had the same service. No problems at all, never waited more than 5 minutes, even when leaving the parks the buses were right on time. And I will also say that this was the first trip that I did not have to stand on a bus! At the All Stars we were always standing on the way home from the parks.


We were there in March and the bus service was - well - EXCELLENT! The longest we waited was 15 minutes. Half the time the buses were almost - or completely - empty. However, do try for a suite in The Springs - then you’ll be close to the pool and the bus stop is most convenient.



I am sooooo glad to hear about the bus service. For the last week I’ve been going crazy trying to decide to buy into DVC. We did check while at MK, POP’s bus stop is number 18 (which is right next to new jersey), SSR is number 2. By the way, I’m about 80% sure we are buying in. Just have to check the furniture for extra change first.


Oooo, let us know when you do! how exciting!!! We haven’t regretted it yet, we LOVE it!


We made several comments while walking to the SSR bus stops #2 about how nice it was not to have to walk to #15 anymore!

An early Congrats on your future DVC purchase!


Both daughters have stayed at Saratoga Springs and the buses were great to get from one place to the other.


We waited about 30 minutes to catch a bus from DTD, back to the resort, but it was late and we were tired… so maybe it was only 15 minutes…

SSR is an awesome place! DT I think you will really like it there!


Jo-jo, this may sound morbid, but:
Stop at car crashes - change flys everywhere! I paid for all of the mini-mice (5) braces that way.

YEAH, I kidding… but do what you can, the DVC is a very cool decision.


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OMG!! That has to be my FAVORITE comment Boss Mouse has EVER made!! HAAHHAHAAH! :heart:


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ummm, I’ll take note next time I see one. I guess I’ll start keeping my castle bank in the car just in case. By the way, new rule at our house, any change found lying around is MINE!


Just got back from SSR on Sunday…We ony had 2 problems with the buses…on Wednesday night at the MK when leaving, we got into a VERY long line back to the resprt and waited for about 30 minutes…the others had been waiting almost 1 hours by the time we even got there! :eek: …Saturday morning (around 9:30) we were waiting to catch a bus to DTD to get the bus to Beach CLub for our 10:30 PS at Cape May Cafe’…we waited and waited and waited…a bus pulled up going to Epcot and I took a chance by just asking the driver if he knew when a bus would arrive and he took us there himself - I was very impressed with that! :heart:


NOOOOOOOO. I only want to hear wonderful things about SSR. When you left MK was it at closing time? Last Dec. my DH left just after Wishes but before the second showing of spectromagic. I stayed for the parade and sloooowly left the park so maybe an hour had passed. When I got to the stop for POP, my DH was about three rows ahead of me. I think I got “home” about 15 min after him. (No, he didn’t come back to stand with me, but I still love him)