Save a few bucks with AAA


I will be getting all our tickets from SOG. Starting with 10 day “Magic your way stars and stripes” for WDW. And two day tickets for Universal and one day tickets for seaworld.Just about all the time they beat anyone else with thier prices. For WDW its about $29.00 per compared to a Premium. For Universal its about $14.00 per. but I was surprised to see AAA beats SOG for seaworld by $10.00 per ticket. Pretty good price there. So when I go down to AAA just before our trip for Traverler Checks I will buy my Seaworld tickets there and save forty dollars. :happy: :happy:


wow, that is wonderful Franco. I will definitely be looking into that SoG option.


Here is a Sea World hint for you. Use your Southwest Airlines Frequent Flyer number for a 20% discounts on Sea World tickets when you show your number at the gate. Even if you aren’t a member, you can join for free. You just need to show the number and you get the discount.