Save Disney


I’m sure alot of you here at DC already know about this site but I just found it

A Site founded by Roy E. Disney where you can help the WDC get back on track! It’s a really good site.


Yes, that is an excellent site!!


The site was at it most popular last year during the stockholder’s meeting in Philly. I joined the site a few weekd before that and they sent me a bumper sticker that wasn’t too kind to Eisner. They send a quote from Walt to your e-mail addy quite often if you sign up too.


It was this group that first got Eisner booted off the board of directors and then finally, the boot as CEO. They have a LOT of clout - Roy started it when he was given the golden handshake and didn’t want to go! Eisner couldn’t WAIT to get rid of him, thinking he was finally out of the way…not so!


Great site. Thanks for sharing!


I agree-great site! Thanks!