Save money on departure day, is it possible?


we are departing Providence airport at mid day and will arrive at Pop Century around 4 pm, so we are thinking we can save money by not eating out that first day… aaah easier said than done? We are not getting a rental car.

I am packing a can of deviled ham and crackers, plus other dry snacks, to use instead of expensive snacky stuff. But I don’t think we will be able to totally spend ZEERO dollars the first day. We need help with ideas! Is it doable?


Well how about things to drink? I suggest packing water bottles and also the single servings of Kool-Aid, etc and that would take care of that.


What about those shelf stable meals that you heat up in the microwave? Pop has a microwave in the food court you can use. There are little cups of mac and cheese, a whole list of stuff you could pack in your suitcase, but then you might not get it until 7 ish. The deviled ham and crackers can cover you till then.


I say just give in and accept the food court option. Pop has a good food court.


I agree, though we are one to bring some stuff to make breakfast at our DVC room.

But was trying to throw out options if they really wanted not to spend money.


Fiber 1 bars are filling BUT do not eat too many of them!!!

How about the cup a noodles, just add hot water. They are cheap and filling.


[QUOTE=hiner;1052580]Fiber 1 bars are filling BUT do not eat too many of them!!!

How about the cup a noodles, just add hot water. They are cheap and filling.[/QUOTE]

Good idea. Throw a few in the carry on bag,


We do what Jo Jo does to save money. Always have breakfast in the room. Bring some oatmeal packets and purchase some bananas and you’ll be all set for some healthy, cheap food.


Any way you can pack sandwiches and bring them in a thermal bag with you on the plane?


I need to find out about that, ddoll. Gonna call Southwest and ask if it’s allowed. I know that whole ‘liquids’ rule, but maybe they will let me bring cold cut sandwiches on board.


I have never had any problem bringing food on the plane. Lunchables, sandwiches, burgers…all have passed without a question. On our trip back from Alaska, I bought a carry on full of smoked salmon and other than them doing the swab check on the bag, there was never a question.


yay, thanks for all the info and suggestions!!!


How much would you spend buying stuff to try to offset the cost of not eating in the food court the first night?


good point erin. knowing how I am, I will be hungry and ‘ready to party!’ the first night so upon searching the online menu I think using grocery items that I have at home and some purchased stuff might be the best idea.


Well if you had a rental car and you were coming in on Saturday I would suggest heading to Publix and then the Super WalMart you can fill up on all those demo samples they hand out.


Wow, that’s a really good idea!


We’re doing the same thing trip wise however we figured we’d spend more money and time trying to go on the cheap and decided to head to Downtown Disney and either use the Planet Hollywood certificate or just go to the Earl of Sandwich. Both cheaper than running up a bill at the grocer and monkey with all that mess. Heck it IS vacation!


tigger taht’s a great idea, except that I really can’t get a car. =)

if I did have a car I would have probably found a bar with a great happy hour special and for the price of a couple of beers had lots and lots of goodies.

Apparently it is totally ok to bring sandwiches on the plane so that’s what’s for dinner. :wink: