Saving money with brita bottles


I’ve heard so much about how wonderful brita water bottles are that I’m going to have one for each of us (3) while in the park, this will, I’m sure, save quite alot. We won’t be buying bottled water or drinks as much. I read somewhere that “they” will refill your bottle for you with ice water at many places in the parks. Could someone out there please tell me who “they” are and which places will do this? Also, will they only refill for us if we are buying other food, or just if we are thirsty? Thanks for any info! :cool:


Okay,go up to any refreshment stand and tell them you want a cup of ice water. They will be happy to give it to you for free. You don’t have to buy a thing.


Yup, just pour it in your bottle. We got free ice water the whole time we were there. We never paid for a single drink. We chose not to carry around a bottle though. We just used their cups and disposed.


The Brita bottles are great. I have 2 that I use at home all the time. We take them with us on our trips. And the bottle straps that hang aroung your shoulder keep your hands free. Some where I saw directions on how to make your own. If I find it I will post it here.


We did the same thing we took our nalgeen bottles and brought powder gatorade great money saver.


thanks for the tips guys!


I’ve had a Brita bottle for as long as I can remember. last year DH and I went to Mexico on our honeymoon and purchased Nalgeen bottles for our daypacks…they are the most durable bottle ever. I dropped mine so many times and it never cracked or broke in any way.


Any place in Florida will give you Ice water. All resturants that is… They passed some kind of law here about it because so many people were getting dehydrated. So at Disney any of the refreshment areas that have running water will give you Ice water free. Hope that helps and welcome to DC…ºoºJudy


We used these last summer and must have saved $50 a day, easy. Bubblers are all over the place! Why pay $4 for a bottle of water?


We pulled a collapsable rolling cooler and filled it with pop and water!! Saved us a ton!!!