Saving money


My family (me, wife, daughter) planning May 2005 visit. I am looking for good ideas as to how to save money a
nd pay for trip We need the Disney fix!


First off, where are you staying…ie on property or off. I would check for packages, but there are many times alacart is the way to go. The Entertainment Book has several 50% off coupons in them. We used one for our trip this September and saved tons of money on the hotel alone. As far as airfare, I would sign up with Orbitz (it’s free). Since you have the time, take your time here. The have a Deal Detector on the site. They will ask you what price you are looking for. When they have that deal, they will e-mail you. If they do not have that price available, you will be able to see what the current prices are on major airlines. When you find the price you want, I would suggest calling the airlines, because chances are you can get the exact deal minus booking fees. I would check into whether you are going to get a rental car or just use transporation company. There are several to look at i.e. Murray Hill Transporation, Quicksilver, Mears, ect. We are using Murray Hill and they are giving us 30 minutes to go to the grocery store. This will save money right there. We are also planning on doing fast food more than sit down. We can also share food. Although, we are also spurging on a Character Breakfast. Hopefully this helps.


Since you have the time, look into the meal vouchers. There are a couple of threads about them. The Quick & Casual are for counter service and seem to be a really good deal at $11. I have not used them yet but will be on our next trip.