Saving Mr. Banks


Is anyone else excited about this movie? I haven’t been to the theater in ages and saw the preview for the first time last night and was intrigued. The cast is pretty phenomenal. I think it’s really interesting that Disney is showing how difficult it was to persuade Traverse to give them rights to her story.

However, spoiler alert I’ve read that at the end of the movie, Traverse is happy with the decision to give Disney the rights to the film, although in real life, she cried through the entire premier, thinking Julie Andrews too pretty to play Mary Poppins and the animated scenes absolutely horrifying (though she did get $100,000 cut from the film… a lot of money back then!).



I think it looks great- I cannot wait to see it. I hope it is a good movie…


I am looking forward to seeing this as well. Frozen is not hitting any chords with me at the moment, although that may change as I learn more about it, but Mary Poppins has long been a favorite.



We got to see Saving Mr. Banks today. I would have to say it was one of the best movies I had seen in a while. It had its own story line, but it was the little things about Walt Disney that appealed to the fan inside of me. The ending credits have some great old pictures and sound bits.


I absolutely loved the movie! It felt like we were watching a film that will become a classic. I know I will purchase it when it’s released so I can watch it over and over again.

And ps: in the film she was never “thrilled” about turning it over to Disney, she just acquiesced when she felt he understood her vision.


Ah, I forgot about this thread!

I was pleased with the film. I thought that the casting was great. And I was happy with the ending - it was shockingly true to reports. Walt Disney didn’t invite her to the premiere, and she came anyway. She cried through it, and then complained about the animation. I thought it was executed very well.


I loved, loved, loved Saving Mr. banks. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can see it again. The cast was so good and from what I’ve read pretty true to character.