Saw "Bolt" Yesterday


I saw “Bolt” yesterday and enjoyed it very much. I also enjoyed the Tokyo Drift move at the beginning staring our favorite tow truck, Tow Mater. During the Tokyo Drift race, did anyone catch a cameo appearance of Mike Wazowski and Sully as cars? You see them in a garage that Mater drifts past after he leaves that donuts garage. I thought that was cute.

“Bolt” was very funny and entertaining. I enjoyed it very much. It has such a heart warming story about people and their pets. I loved the begging scene at the RV park. That was so funny. And the pigeons in New York, hilarious! I also loved seeing scenes of Vegas in the movie, since now I live next door to it. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, please do. It’s a great movie.


We saw it this weekend, too.
I loved it!


We saw it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I didn’t have high expectations going in but I was pleasantly surprised.


We saw it around Thanksgiving! Loved it and would see it again! A friend I went to school with (Pratt) was one of the animators that worked on mittens.

It was so cool to see his name in the credits! :happy:


We all really enjoyed it as well. I even liked the soundtrack! :slight_smile:


We really enjoyed it as well. We saw it several weeks ago and did not get to see the Mater short, I was so disappointed.

DD really enjoyed the movie and I was pleasantly surprised.


we were at a pet store yesterday and they are using the hampster to advertise those balls that they sell for the animals to run around in… like the one that the hampster is in in the movies.


Oooo I really want to see this when it comes out over here, I’ve seen all the trailers and it looks so cute, I love animation films!