Saw Disney on Ice


We took my DD11 and Dniece3 to Dis on Ice yesterday. We loved it!! The 3 yr old was in awe the whole time. She is so into all the Disney characters, it’s so great to see.

One part that I thought was great is they did an It’s a Small World number. I closed my eyes and could feel myself in the boat, the smell of the water :closedeye and the music. I know some hate the song, but when you want to be in WDW so bad and hear the music - it’s so great! They had skaters dressed as all the different countries and they did a really great job. At the end of their performance they had some small float-like things come out that were all lit up like Electric Light Parade & they had the actual IASW dolls on them! It was really great!!

The only disappointment was that Tinkerbell wasn’t there!! DN was a little upset b/c that’s her favorite!

Oh Jimny Cricket & Blue Fairy did “When you wish upon a star” - that was really beautiful, I felt my eyes well up! :blush:


Oooooohhh! Sounds great!


Such a wonderful show! I took my mum a while back and it was a great way of keeping the magic alive between trips!


Great show. I like it