Say It Ain't So!


I had heard the rumor early this week and then read on Allearsnet today that Liberty Tree Tavern at MK will no longer offer character dining after 1/9/09.
I really enjoyed the characters dressed in their period costumes and we had great interaction with them last year when we went prior to MVMCP.
Is this a sign of things to come? What do you think or know guys?


A lot of us are sad over this.


I CANNOT believe they are taking character dining away from LTT, that was one of my FAVORITE meals and 75% of the charm are the characters at dinner. I just don’t get it, I thought it was a popular place! It’s in the MAGIC KINGDOM for crying out loud! :eek: How do they take characters AWAY from MK restaurants?? I hope this is a REALLY late April Fool’s joke. :sad:


Sadly, it’s not a joke right now. Hopefully Disney will rethink this between now and the first of the year.

I don’t get it either, the place is usually full when we go so why change what’s not broken?


This reminds me of the demise of the Diamond HorseShoe revue. Great location that WDW just has let go. We were going to try LTT this December–still plan on it at this point.


Even with ressies we had a little bit of a wait but that place was hoppin! Maybe something bigger and better is to come…we can only hope!!


Hoping that they are going to introduce a new sort of character/dining experience after they let everyone kvetch(sp) over this latest announcement.

Ever hopeful!


They are sitting back and laughing at our kvetching, rubbing their hands together, & waiting for the big moment to announce something grand. :laugh: :laugh:

Well, I hope anyway!


Hehe…I’m just amused that I could use the word ‘kvetch’ in a sentence:happy:


I’m impressed, that’s why I had to quote you so I could type it too! :laugh:


Thats so sad! I was jsut there in May and I loved it! Especially Minnie, she was soooo cute in her little conial outfit :smiley:


The colonial outfits make it very special, that’s why I’m surprised… it was always very unique and special. I am starting to wonder if maybe I should rearrange some dining for our October trip so I can experience it one more time. :sad:


Oh boo!
This just made me HAVE to consider eating here for dinner just once before the end of the year.
And LTT has been WAY WAY down on my to do list.:rolleyes: :frown: :glare:


I am sooooo bummed about this.:frown: I actually had this on our ADR list for our February trip!:crying: It was one of our favorites. I do hope they reconsider.:pinch:


I definitly would. Aw they all were so cute!!:laugh:


So now there is no character dinners (other than CRT) anywhere in Magic Kingdom!:crying:

Sooooo bummed!

Well I would like to see a Pirate Themed Dining Experience if they are going to add one. :pirate:


Loved Diamond Horseshoe review!!!



i don’t get it…this is one of our favorite restaurants, and make it a point ot eat there at least once during each trip. i do not know if it will be that important now knowing that the characters will not be there. does anyone know the reason, being there are only a few character meals in the park (cinderella, crystal palace, and LTT that i know of). someone somewhere thinks this is a good idea, i just wished i knew what it was…


Disney will say it’s because of guest feedback but I’m sure the bottom line is cost.


The thing is, on the less crowded days, you can just walk up and get a place to eat. I do remember one time when we were there, Minnie was walking to our table when the kids asked, “Are we going to see the Princesses tomorrow for breakfast at Epcot?”. I replied to them, “What for? We have the original Princess right here!” as I pointed at Minnie. It was the first time a character ran up to me and hugged me.