Say it's not so!


As of right now, we do not have enough people for the band trip to Disney! :crying:

The due date for the money was Friday.

However, Mr. Smith says that we will be going to Disney, no matter what it takes… only we need 75 people. I am unsure of how many people are going.

For most people, it’s a financial problem, but they can fundraise nearly all of the trip! And Mr. Smith even offers to pay your way if you don’t have the money. He says he’ll find a way for you to go (one year, a kid raked his lawn for him).

So, mousebuzzers… how can I convince my fellow band members to go to Disney??? Most have never been to Disney in their lives (poor, Disney-deprived children)!


I know that someone that their school has been doing all kinds of fundraisers for their band to go.

Keep telling them how great it is and how much fun they will have and try to get them excited so they can get busy and raise some money!


Why don’t you bring the latest Vacation Planning Video, and ask Mr. Smith to play it during recess, so kids can view it? That may convince them!


Are you planning on marching? My DS’s girlfriend and my cousin Katie are both going to be in Disney this spring with their bands marching just before the 3pm parade.

If all the money is due on Friday, it might be a tough sell to get how many you need on board. Is the school helping out at all?? Perhaps contact local businesses to help pay for the trip (we have students come in the diner all the time for donations for these trips and my bosses try to help them all)

Perhaps a deadline extention would be the most help in order for you and your gang to raise some more money to help keep the individual cost down.

Good luck!!


Well, our money was due this past Friday…

But they’re still accepting, I think.

I wish we had recess…

And I wish the businesses in our area supported something other than football.

But I shall prevail!!! The band will make it to Disney!

And yes, we are marching! I think we’ll be a pre-parade group or something… not sure.


When is your band planning on attending? I would assume it would be for Spring Break since there are a LOT of High School bands that particpate during that time period. I thought the bands were by invitation only as my DD High School band has gone during Spring Break for the last 3 years and I heard it was invitation only. Don’t know since she’s not in the band.

But…the deadline seems to be soon considering your school just started a few weeks ago or even just a couple weeks ago. If it is a Spring Break trip, you’d think there would be more time for everyone to be able to get their money together and have fundraisers. DD’s High School band was CONSTANTLY doing fundraisers as I was hit up nearly every month by the neighbor who was in the band (thank goodness she graduated as it is hard enough to come up with our OWN Disney money:laugh: )

Getting a vacation planning video is a great idea. Spread the word about Disney to all of your peers/band members. Have them visit this website and others that are Disney related to get them in the mood. Some people just need more convincing as unfortunately not everyone knows the joy of Disney like we do here!


I am sure that you don’t need to convince people to go… I bet you only need to come up with a way for your group to earn some money! If the families themselves are having financial issues, it migh tbe good to organize a car wash, a lollipop sale, a huge garage sale, etc… Let the community help that way with the funds.


Ugh, I wish I had better advise for you. I like the idea of bringing in the vacation planning video to get everyone hyped up! Maybe seeing the magic will inspire some ideas among the group!


Contact all the newspapers in the area to do an article about the band. Make sure you have a big fund raiser planned prior to contacting them so it can be included in the article. Set up an account at a local bank for donations, and make sure that information is included also.


brilliant idea!


I was in Marching Band in High School and we went to Disney several times. The way we’d raise money for everyone to go was to sell ad space to local business that would be in the back of the Football Program every Friday night. You said local businesses support football so that might be a good way to make $. Ask your band director about it.


Can’t really give anymore advice then what everyone has gave you. I really hope you get to go. I loved long band trips when we went.


Could the band sponsor school dances to help raise money? Usually a fairly easy fundraiser for school kids!

Also, if you broke down a payment plan to parents, they may be more likely to get on board. $1,000 is one thing, $100 a month sometimes seems easier. And an incentive to lessen that with fundraisers might add the twist that you need.


We’re heading over on February 6th, and going back on the 9th, if I remember correctly. (Which is good for us… Spring Break is wayyy too crowded!)

Yes, it is invitation only. Pride of Pendleton Marching band was AA State Champions in 2004 (Clown show!), and we’ve been AA Upperstate Champs for 6 years in a row (competing for our seventh!). We get invited to all sorts of things - Macy’s, BOA, Disney, festivals… but we really don’t have the money to get anywhere. Pendleton is all about football (but our football team hasn’t won a state championship since who knows when). If you don’t play football, then you have to fundraise to get where you want. Our band isn’t that great at fundraising… our town isn’t that great at buying things they don’t necessarily need to support the band.

I really hope we get to go… Mr. Smith said that he wants everyone to go and it doesn’t matter if they have the money or not.


Well, I hope you do get to go since I’ll be there from 2/1 thru 2/10!! I’ll get to see you march!!


Here is a few ideas for you…ask the school if you can use the student parking lot one weekend in Oct and have a flea market. sell the spaces-2 parking spaces=1 space for like 10.00 a spot. have a food stand that the band is incharge of and have a bake table also. the bake table can before people to donate cakes or what have you to sell and the band can help to stock the table as well. Check with the school board about raffeling/Auctioning things off, if they say it is okay you can use some of the cakes to do that or contact bussiness for donations for it. If some of the kids have family or friends that one business’s then they could get donations for it.
You could also talk to the school to see if you all could do a bake sale on fridays during lunch. the band members could bake the stuff to sell.
the lollepops are a good idea…the really big ball ones. you can get cases of them from a company that the box has a mix of flavors. I know when we sold them we were able to sell them for .50 a pop and still made a profit. we were still selling them even after we made the money we needed.
You could also sell candybars. they just melt alot.
try to sell pizza kits.
It is too late to do this year but maybe for next year, there is a book that you can buy that has address’s in it for “stars”, like Bob Barker and such. You could send letters to them and ask for donations for an auction for next year. The band will be spending alot of time folding paper, stuffing envelops and licking them, but you will get alot of stuff for it. When I was in school we did this 3 years and in them 3 years we made between 5,000-10,000.00 each year. It all depended on what kind of stuff we had gotten and such.

where there is awill there is away. Hope you all make it!!!