Say What?


Simple new game…

Post a picture (real or made up) and give people an opportunity to make up humorous captions for it. After a few captions (five to ten), the picture poster will choose their favorite and then that person posts a picture for the next round.

The picture must include something Disney.

Enter captions as many times as you want.

Here’s the first pic…


Spongbob: “I’m ready…I’m ready…I’m ready…to start making Crabby Patties at Monster’s Inc. cafeteria!!! Time to bring it around town!!!”


I love that. But I am on the run. Tutoring in school. Back by 5pm --don’t wait up for me honey :biggrin:


Caption: “Sully, do we have to do the dishes now?”


I got one (mine won’t count though)

Spongebob: “There really is going to be a Monsters, Inc. ride! I’m ready… I’m ready… I’m ready!”


Sully - “Hey Mike I think I found something that might scare the parents”


Here’s another one.

Spongbob: “hey Patrick, you look kinda blue today and you’re not wearing pants…hahahahahahahaha…wait…you’re not Patrick…whaaaaaaaaa!!!”

You’ve really gotta know Spongebob to get this caption.


Not sure what that says about me… but I thought it was a perfect fit. :blink:


Yeah, I thought Tigger’s was perfect, until I read that last one.

I’m impressed with all these grown men knowing all these Spongebob mannerisms…

Rlander ‘Bring it around town’ - I know that exact episode, but I have a ten year old son! WHat is your excuse?!


Ok here’s mine…
“What the heck?”

Okay mines not funny but I really wanted to play


claps for Cinderbella

Very good!



I have never in my life watched Sponge Bob. I look at him and all I can see is a sponge with buck teeth. I must be ancient. :crying:


Thanks…I was quite proud…


SPIDER, you have exactly 1500 posts. Go pick who you are from now on…


Ohh my goodness!! COngrats Sprider…you should change your title to something like “WDW GAMER” or something…you’re always coming up with fun games!


Sulley thinking to himself “just smile and nod…I have no idea what he is talking about”


LOL! My husband tells me to do that ALL the time!

Just smile and nod!


Everyone does it to me :laugh: DBf tells me to “shhh” lolol


i am usually the one whos smiling and nodding…because i loose my attention very quickly…so if the conversation is not interesting i tune out. I do this often when DBF’s DF takes us out to lunch and thye start talking about Star Wars and football


YES! OMG, Cinderbella, I’m the same way! DH says I have adult ADD, and that I need medication! ROFL!

To me that is halarious, because I just think some things should be more interesting!