Saying the right thing


What would you all say to a CM…


…who did what?

You’re being a little vague here. :laugh:

How about, “Hi.”


What’s the situation?


Sorry about that…here are your choices!


“Can you take me to the front of the line, pretty please?”

I love that!


LOL Baloo you are too funny…:laugh: What a random poll!!

I said “can you take me to the front of the line, pretty please?!” :mickey: I guess you never know, and you might catch the CM on a good day, eh? That would be AWESOME!

Speaking of awesome…I love that avatar Baloo! :heart:


hehehe…thanks! I try

Like yours too! Have you seen one of the Ireland scene around?


How about…

Where do I buy the tickets for the rides?


What time is the 3 o’clock parade?


Where’s the Spider-man Ride?

I voted for front of the line.


hahahaha…great ones!!! I forgot about those!

How about…

Do you where those clothes (especially pirate of the caribbean cm) outside of WDW?


Hmmmm…I actually found this avatar randomly on someone’s site, but if I can find a pic of the Ireland scene then I can definitely make it into an avatar real fast and PM it to you. I will keep my eyes peeled and let you know if I find anything!

BTW…I would love to ask a WDW CM, “how do you get to California Adventure from here?” :laugh: (Because of the guest who asked me how to get to Epcot from DCA! It was too priceless for words.)


I voted for the line, but I would definetly have DD ask with her puppy dog eyes.


I chose other. I always like to thank the CM for making my day. They must not hear it often, because I always get a huge smile and a look of surprise. :heart:


I think the jungle cruise water is that icky color so that you can’t see the bottom that’s 2 feet down. But I’d still ask.


I had to go with “ping pong backwards is gnip gnop”… I can just picture the look on a CMs face wondering why on earth I would ask such a thing :slight_smile:


Where is Walt’s cryogenically frozen body displayed?

Where’s the bus to Islands of Adventure?

Where’s the VIP line?

How far into space does Space Mountain take you?

Do I need my passport for World Showcase?

(By phone) “I’d like a room only reservation for the Hollywood Tower Hotel.”

Do I need a quarter to use the restroom?

How do you like working at DisneyLAND (use DL in the place of WDW in every question)?

I know you have character meals. I was wondering how to get a character DATE with ________?

Can I have your lanyard? (Ask this without having one of your own)


“Are you single?”
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
This of course, in my case, is only applicable to a rather attractive male CM…


I would ask “Why do fools fall inlove?” because I really want to know the answer!


Hey Caver great questions. Would you ask them rapid-fire style bombarding one CM or spread it around to different CM’s? I would love to see you asking all of these to one person while they slink away from the strange man asking bizarre questions :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


yeah caver…I really liked the one about asking a character for a date…hehehe…I can see myself asking for a date at wdw with belle or jane…hehehe


I HAD to choose the last one…lol :whistling