Sayings on shirts


I’m looking to put something on a T-shirt that says I’m here to celebrate my 40th birthday and my DH has agreed to where one to. ANY SUGGESTIONS?


You can create shirts here at:

Hope this helps! :happy:


Disney is celebrating their 50th with “The Happiest Celebration on Earth.” Maybe you could do something like “40 - The Happiest Celebration for ME!” or something along those lines?

Or could you do a 4 :mickey: (so it looks like 40 with the zero being a Mickey)
with "Happy Birthday to ME’ under it for your shirt
with “Happy Birthday to YOUR NAME” under it for DH’s shirt

Just some thoughts…


You could put a picture of Goofy of a shirt with a birthday message below and your husband can wear a shirt with an arrow that states “I’m with Goofy!!!”

My wife and I have pins with the same concept, however, I can’t post the words here…Good luck and have fun with it!!!


I saw a guy a couple weeks ago with a shirt that simply said "today is my wife’s birthday! (green shirt with large white letters)

With a gazillion people there, it caught my eye…I thought, how sweet!!


How about: “Horray!! I’m 40! I’m ALMOST middle aged!” :wink: :cool:


OR . . . I’m 40! Is my Celebration any less Happy?
OR . . . It’s my Birthday! People have tolerated It’s a Small World 10yrs longer.


Here’s another one: “I’m 10 years younger than Disneyland!” :wink:


I love this idea!!