SBC Xmas Overlay


Here is a picture of this years new Christmas Sleeping Beauty Castle overlay at Disneyland!! It looks fab doesnt it?? It will contain LOTS of LEDs and new strobes, fake snow, icicles and lots more!!

WDW will be getting an overlay similar to DLPs (confirmed by WDW CM) so ours will be greatly unique!

Sorry the picture doesnt show all the sides, I had to size it down to put it on here, but at least you all can see some of it!

Enjoy! :happy:


Wow. That’s impressive.

Looking forward to seeing the real thing. :cool:


That is going to be nice.:wub:

I hope they put it together without it looking cheesy. :mellow:

Not that there’s anything wrong with cheese… :blush:


i would love to see it in person… not going to happen though… if anyone goes… bring us back “real” pics!


Do you know when they will put it up?


It will be up when the Holiday Season Starts, Early-Mid November, I believe this years festivites will be completely up by November 16th, if not sooner.

It looks like you will be at DLR for the ‘Disney’s Halloween Time’ - Great time to go, lots of fun decorations and festivities! :smile:


Yep… We went last year at the same time and really enjoyed the fall festivities…


Cool, well this year the resort is adding more things, so it will be a bit different from last year. :happy:


That is very cool looking.


Wow! That is very cool looking!


… It’s UGLY!

Sorry, but I like the look of the Castle. Period. I am so disappointed if this will be in place by Nov. 10. I have only been in Disney World once before and the castle looked like a cheesy birthday cake. I have been so excited looking at all these Castle pictures, even made an early Crystal Palace reservation to have a view of the castle w/o lots of people. I don’t want this stuff drapped over the castle.

Put up decorations everywhere else, all over the park. I will love that but




Sadly…if WDW is going to do this, the castle will be covered in scaffolding…so you might not even be able to see at least part of the castle during your November 10th trip:pinch: But…maybe they aren’t doing this…or it will be done…or not started.:happy:


For Starters, this is being done to SBC (Sleeping Beauty Castle) in Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort here in CA.
2nd, Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort is getting lots of dangling icicle lights for their castle, go see a picture of Disneyland Paris’s Sleeping Beauty Castle during the holidays and you will know what WDWs will look like only WDWs will have about 3 times more lights that what DLP has on theirs during the holiday season (search images, that is always a blessing when looking for pics :wink:)
3rd, Ive seen the model for the castle from my friend Andrew, it looks fabulous and I must assure you, you will not be dissapointed by what you will find on Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park…but I could be wrong…?:blush:

I guess we shall just have to wait and see what you think of it come this holiday season. :smile: