SB's Fairy Godmothers - where to find?


Okay, this hasn’t been an issue for me. My two boys don’t care about princesses or fairy godmothers. :pirate:

A friend of mine at work has never been to WDW :blink::blink: and would like to bring her daughter and 3-year old granddaughter for their first visit this fall. The granddaughter is obsessed with the fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty, and the trip will be a failure if she doesn’t get a chance to see them, and meet Mickey. Character experiences are the big motivation so far for this trip, and I’m trying to help out with some planning.

No problem on Mickey - I’ve advised my colleague to go to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast, which will be perfect for her.

However, I haven’t the first idea of where to tell her to go to “guarantee” being able to see the fairy godmothers.

Expert advice greatly appreciated!!!


I have two girls who have always been princess lovers. I don’t think that the fairies from Sleeping Beauty are available for meet and greets. We have never, ever seen them. I hope someone else will come along and know of a place that this sweet little girl can meet them!


The only Fairy Godmother I have seen is at the Royal Table dinner in Cinderella’s Castle. The bad fairy from Sleeping Beauty, Malificent, has an “appearance” in Fantasmic, and I think is in “Dream Along With Mickey” on the Castle Stage (unless that show has been changed.) I have never seen Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather (the good fairies from Sleeping Beauty.)


Awww I think she’d have fun just being there. But aren’t they in the spectro parade? I could swear I’ve seen them SOMEWHERE


I think Grandma can talk through a parade appearance. The granddaughter just wants to SEE them.

You know, it makes the magic more real that way :laugh:


We have a pic with one of them, the orange one I think. A few years ago we just happend to be waling through Fantasy Land and there she was, Cinderella’s mice too. Haven’t seen her since though so non-priority characters may be hit or miss. Saw all 7 dwarfs on one of the allys on mainstreet in the late 90’s. Haven’t seen that since either.:crying:


They are definitely in the spectromagic parade! But I can’t find anywhere that they do meetings. They aree definitely going in the fall? I ask because the summer parade is the main street electrical parade…


Actually, what she’s said is that she wants to take the girls to whichever location is most likely to have the 3 godmothers. So if Disneyland would have a better chance, she’s willing to go there.

She took her daughter to Disneyland once, when her daughter was young, so she had wanted to do WDW for something different. I told her that, no matter what, it was going to be different!

And yes, it’s pretty definite for the fall, I think because that’s when my friend is most likely to be able to take vacation. Thanks for the MSEP plug though - always my favorite!


Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are in SpectroMagic parade and that’s it for now. They were also in the former version of day parade (DDCT) at the end. They’ll also be in Christmas, but they’re not doing meet and greets at this time. But being that this is WDW and I know people who make things happen, including me, and I also know anything can and probably will happen here…


We saw Cinderella’s fairy godmother when we went to Cinderella’s Royal Table lunch, which I think someone else mentioned above. You could have photos with her too.


Didn’t Cinderella’s fairy godmother read stories to the children in a alcove near Liberty square? I seem to remember getting some Mickey confetti from her years back


She used to do a storytime there. But now that happens at Expo Hall, and that’s only for guests who have something to do with AAA. Can’t remember what but it’s exclusive.