Schedule and Question


We pretty much have our schedule down. I would like to run it by you guys. We have a 22 month old, so our schedule is very open, but here it is.

MK from open till about 2 or 3. Possibly back to hotel for baby nap. Epcot or MGM till close seeing either Illuminations or Fantasmic.


AK. We would also like to see the parade at 4:00. Somewhere Friday night.


MGM Parade at 3:30. Nap time then either back to MGM or Epcot, pending what we aee on Thursday Night.


This one is tricky. I am thinking about getting the Fairy Godmothers to come and sit for us from about 9 - 3, so Hubby and I can see Epcot and MGM attactions that baby can’t go to. Nap time, and the MK all evening and see fireworks.


Pooh Breakfast at CP. MK, and anything else we want to see.

What do you think? I have never done this before, especially with a baby.


That sounds great. It allows you to be pretty flexible and enjoy all that you want to see.


You plans are very flexible and that will help out. You have to be when traveling with a child so young. Remember to stick to the baby’s normal schedule with eating and napping, so no one gets cranky…(you too.,…lol) The only change I would suggest is your AK day. You may want to go later in the day to start your touring, so you are still there at 4pm for the parade. That park doesnt’ require an entire day of touring and you will have run out of things to do by 2pm if you go when it opens. I just can’t see the baby making it through all those shows and still having an ounce of patience at 4pm for the parade. Maybe make that an easy morning and have breakfast at your resort and maybe some pool time and then head there around 11am or so. That is plenty of time at AK…for me anyway. I know other will disagree, but take a look at the official website for the attractions there and see how many you think your 22month old will even be able to do or want to sit through and then make your decision.

The Fairy Godmothers thing is iffy. I have phobia of strangers with my DD. Maybe opt for switching or baby swap at the attractions you and DH want to see. Again, I’m paranoid about these things, so you do what works best for you.


Thanks Dana as usual. We thought about going Wenesday to MK, but we don’t want to lose the whole day. By the time we get to the resort and get settled, it would be to late to use the hopper. (I am cheap! I want the best deal for my money.) Thanks for the AK tip. I thought about that too. As for as Fairy Godmothers, we were very iffy on this as well, because we don’t even have a baby sitter yet. But, after putting message boards out there with many websites, we have found alot of people putting trust in this group and some others. The reason we light Fairy Godmothers is because the people are older and don’t smoke. We thought about baby swap but this is also our Anniversary, and we don’t get too much time to ourself.


I didn’t know the background on them. If you are comfortable with them, then go for it. I never checked them out, but have been known to leave my DD in the kids clubs at the resorts I stay at for an hour of peace while I pack to go home. Anniversary trip and your baby’s first time…this is going to be a great trip for your family. :heart: let me know if you need any more help with anything. :heart:

I don’t blame you for not wanting to waste an entire day on your hoppers. Just skip it. It will give you something to look forward to next time right? You’re not cheap, just smart with your money. WDW costs enough money. Who wants to waste any penny of it?


We just got back in June from a week at POR and yes, you will need to be flexible with your plans. We have taken each of our 4 now at 9 months or younger and this past time their ages were 8,6,2 and 9 months. We have learned not to rush in the morning and get to the park late morning to miss the morning lines just to get into the park. We use FP’s as much as we can and only spend 3 hours at most at the parks at a time. We head back to the resort for swimming and naps if needed and try and take in dinner at the resort and then head back to the parks 2-3 hours before closing. It has worked great for us and if you want a tip for seeing the characters without a wait see a few of my other posts. Have a great trip!