Schedule of events for MNSSHP


This is for anyone going to MNSSHP who will be back before the 29th of September. I am in need of the schedule of events for a dear friend of mine who is thinking about going the first week of october. She is trying to determine what entertainment to go to etc and would like to know if anyone can bring the guide back and fax it to us. Thanks if you can. The official site only gives a summary…nothing actual. Thanks!


Well Dana the info I’ve been give is it’s pretty much like it was last year. Starts at 7. Parade at 8 and 10pm. Castle Show (Brand new from last year’s villain show) will be happening periodically through the night. That’s a must at least once to watch. Hallowishes (DO NOT MISS THIS FIREWORKS DISPLAY) at 9:00pm. Also, MUST ride the Haunted Mansion at least once. Don’t forget all the trick or treating and the numerous RARE characters! Hope that helps some.


That does help. Are they doing the dancing with the characters thing at Ray’s again this year? That was so cute! Thanks for the information Rowdy. I will pass it on to her.:heart:


Rowdy, I thought they do the Halloween show at 9:15, not 9. Can you tell me if this is the same fireworks show as last year’s Halloween show?


You might be right on that one. Yeah, it’s the same as last year I’m told. Unless they change before next Friday, which I doubt. :laugh:


I didn’t think they’d develop another new show so soon after rolling out this one and hardly using it. But you never know.


Lemmie make sure you and I are on the same page. We’re talking about the Castle Show yes? The Mix and Mingle. Last year it was such a big hit but it was sooooooooooooo short that this year, IT’S A LOT LONGER AND EVEN BETTER!!! I is PUMPED!


Wow love to have a schedule for MNSSHP too.


Rowdy, we’re not on the same page. I was asking about the fireworks. Sorry if I confused you.


We will be at MNSSHP on Friday!:biggrin: So, I’ll let everyone know the schedule when we get back!