Where can I find which parks are least busiest on which days? I purchase the UG but can not find this topic.


it’s on their website.…something like that.
Word to the wise…it’s not always correct. I would just follow the EMH rule. If you are using EMH, go to the park hosting them and hop at lunch. If you are not, go to any other park at rope drop.


Yes- go to that website and click on the small blue crowd calendar on the left. Scroll down and you’ll see where you can put some words from your book to “log in”.


Since I’ve been going to Disneyworld, I’ve always used The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World — So, I guess I couldn’t say whether they are or are not accurate as I know no other way. But, what I can tell you is that with their crowd calendar, as well as a little planning as to which rides may interest your children or you versus those that won’t, you should fare well.