This was in my local newspaper in the classifieds under travel:

Disney Area stay 7/6 nights, 2 adult Disney tickets Paid 750.00 will sell for 249
Good for one year. I called the number it said that the couple was going through divorce and said to call a 1877# and ask for the “Robinson transfer”
I called the # and it is a travel agent. The lady answered said she had just walked into the office she will call me back. Scheme???


I had one of those in my paper… I think it is… They wanted me to stay at the timeshare and then get the tickets… I hung up on them


I think that it is a marketing program to get potential buyers to a timeshare. Be sure to find out if you are obligated to sit through any long presentations, etc…


it was a timeshare package.


Sorry! I take it you are not going to be int he market for a timeshare, then? Keep looking for legit deals, though! You can find the right thing.


Anything that sounds to good to be true, usually is. I would wait another year before doing the timeshare thingy…heck no. I hate high pressure sales pitches and they are SUPER high pressure…no thanks.


That’s what I think. No way would I plan a trip around something that sounds fishy. What if there was no room when I got there?


I’m on vacation, I don’t want to waste precious time sitting through a time share pressure pitch. If you’re that interested in timeshares “Have you heard Disney’s best kept secret?” “DVC”:laugh:
(If it’s such a well kept secret, how come there’s ads on all the buses and kiosks in all the hotels, parks, and DTD?)


My thoughts exactly…lol Someone should inform WDW that their sercret is out.:laugh: I do not have time for that kinda of nonsense while at WDW. I wouldn’t mind sitting through the DVc one, but an outside one? Heck no…sorry off property is not WDW to me.


Does anyone really need that much of a sales pitch for DVC? We all know what the accomodations are, they’re all deluxe resorts. We know what some of the perks are. All that needs to be explained is the point system, where else you can use your points, and stuff like that. DVC pretty much sells itself if you’re already thinking about Orlando timeshares. Besides, DVC sends you a DVD that has most answers anyway.
Yes, I know we’re talking about some other timeshare, but the concept is still the same, if they have to work hard to talk you into it, it’s not for you.


Some people like the human contact and having all their questions explained in person…that’s the only reason I could see booking the DVC tour…that and the tours itself. Different strokes and all that. True however that anyone who knows about DVc usually does the research themselves etc. That new person going to WDW for the first time, not so much.


Every time I see it I want to scream “EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE PLACE KNOWS THE SECRET”!:glare: Enough already!

As for this - sounds a little too good to be true - which means 99.99% of the time it isn’t.


I hate that timeshare garbage. :dry:


Yeah what she said… :laugh: … and not only that, but even if they had a low-pressure, catered event with a live band and fruit salad, I would be totally miserable wasting good park time!!! :laugh:


Don’t we all?


That is just bizarre- timehares are real estate transactions aren’t they? I think advertising in that manner seems illegal.


I can’t tell you how many offers of trips to Vegas, Orlando, the Bahamas, and cruises I throw away. All of these have some sort of sales pitch attached.


They may hook with a good margarita though:wink:


True- my husband’s business fax machine was inundated there for awhile! But the whole “married, going through a divorce, must sell our Disney vacation” brings their tactics to a whole new level!