School Bread Lovers Alert!


I was just informed that my beloved School Bread :wub: has been changed!:eek::angry::mad::frown::confused::glare:

Well, I guess you could call it a re-makeover. I’ll let you all be the judge:



My only comment would be…why mess with perfection?:frown:

Although, I will also add…I love caramel and toasted coconut.:heart: So, I will let you know my opinion after the true test in February…the taste test!!!


Yuck! I hate caramel. I also hate coconut but I did try School Bread in June. I didn’t eat the coconut part but I thought it was super yummy.


Judging only by the photos, I’d lean towards the “after”.
Never having tried school bread before, I couldn’t compare the after. I’d just have to take the word of someone who’s tried both.
I do like toasted coconut and caramel though. (Not sure about the mess factor of caramel in Florida heat if you’re going to grab and go)


I actually tried the school bread and well I didnt like it so maybe I will try it again now that it has caramel…


I like the before.I’ll have to try the after in Nov.It looks good.


I feel really silly, but I didn’t evne know what school bread was.:laugh:Can’t miss what you don’t know.:laugh:


It looks good minus the coconut. Maybe we’ll try some next trip.


This is from the Kringla, right? i’ve never tried it because I greatly dislike coconut but it looks like something Daniel would really like, maybe we’ll get it as a snack. I absolutely LOVE the cherry danishes they make at the Kringla, delish!


I love School Bread! I am hoping the new version is just as good…maybe better I dare say since it has caramel!?!:wub:


It kinda looks good, so I might have to try it on my next trip :slight_smile:


I’m not a coconut fan either . . . but it looks kinda good! :happy:


I’m kinda upset they messed with perfection. When I try the new version I’ll let you know what I think.


Yum! I almost licked my computer screen. :wub:Where can I get school bread? Why do they call it that? It looks like a huge yummy coconut donut.


Unless I am mistaken, it looks like it still has coconut, but it is toasted now. Am I mistaken?


Never heard of School Bread before. What is it? It looks like a donut to me and where can I try it?


Looks like a toasted coconut donut from Dunkin’ Donuts with a dollop of whipped cream on top to me.:laugh:


My thoughts exactly.:glare:

I’m still trying to keep an open mind and hope they kept the original version too. Please let me know if they did and what the new one is like.


It still has coconut, but it is now toasted and the icing was replaced with caramel. At least that is what I was told. Can’t wait to find out.


You can get it in Epcot, it’s from Norway:

Recipe - School Bread - Norway - Kringla Bakeri og Cafe

School Bread

Kringla Bakery
Norway Pavilion, Epcot

I think this is the OLD version . . . before they toasted the coconut!


Yes Wish! It is from Kringla. I love just about everything from there.:heart:

Have you ever tried the Cloudberry Horn? Talk about delish!!!:wub: