School vacation?


I know most schools have the week of presidents day for school vacation but my daugher actually has this week off starting Feb25-Mar4th (they go acouple extra days into the next week too) so I’m curious if the crowds slow down now alittle with most schools back in session? Or is college break on right now?

I’m be interested in reading trip reports from anyone planning to be there this week.
Let me know!!

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That must be a regional thing because I have never heard of a school taking that week off.


I have a feeling you are in a little lull, before most spring breaks start for colleges. But anyway, I am not sure that college spring break really affects Disney detinations as much as it would change the landscape in places like Daytona Beach or Cancun :ohmy: :laugh: …

I think you will enjoy yourselves!


No, but you and I probably remember that Lincoln’s Birthday was Feb. 12 and Washington’s was Feb. 22 and you got those two days off and not MLK’s birthday in January and the combined “President’s Day”.
Both NYC and all of NJ’s public schools only got a full week co-incident to Easter, starting with Good Friday when I was in grade and high school in the 60’s and early 70’s. Even my college did the two presidents’ birthdays with Spring/Easter break coming during Easter.


You’re right historically, but with I-4 running directly from Daytona past WDW, there probably is a college break bump to park attendance.


Nope, we didn’t get both those days off and we did take President’s Day off. We also always had MLK day.


DT, don’t take this the wrong way, but if you got MLK Day, you’re considerably younger than I thought you were. Or rather, I’m a lot older than I care to admit.


Don’t forget I got the day off in college and I am still in education so I’m also going by the days off I have gotten since I started teaching. From what I remember it came about while I was in HS.


I think would be a nice week to visit…crowds shouldn’t be all that bad. Spring breaks even for college don’t start for a few weeks I think…

When I was in school, we got a four-day weekend for presidents day and off on MLK day…my DD only gets the monday off for president’s and MLK is an in service day for the teachers most years and the students have off…some years they have school…all depends.


i usually go the next week (first full week of March), and the spring break crowds start showing up at the end of that week. You should be fine during this week. I have done this the past three years, and I will be doing it again next week! It will not be too crowded.


My first year in school was the first year the school district combined Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays and that was middle 70’s. That was not that long ago. I’ve never been out for MLK day and that includes where I am teaching now. It is nice to be out a week or two ahead of other schools but the long stretches without breaks gets tiring.

I’m far from old. Other people are just really young.


I don’t remember getting those days off either, however, its been a little bit since I was in school so that might explain it. Id say go for it, I doubt it will be that crowded.