Sci fi food?


What is good at Sci-Fi?? Is it pretty much burgers and fries??? Is there anything we MUST try???

Do they still have the glow in the dark frisbees??? What comes on those???

What about the ice cubes do you have to ask for them???


I think I read that the kids meals come served on the Frisbees…

Here’s the dinner menu…

And the kids…


We had lunch there. DH had Burger, enjoyed it, but complained it was overcooked. I had smoked turkey sandwich, it was a dry, dry sandwich. It was a good experience, but don’t think we would go back.


We really enjoyed the Sci-Fi for lunch in Feb. I had the Turkey sandwich which was good, my DH had a burger that he said was GREAT and my dad said the Reuben is the best he has had. IT is a fun atmosphere.


DS and I shared a chicken sandwich that was DELICIOUS!!! Other DS and DH shared the ribs, which they both said were very good.


We all got burgers or chicken fingers and they were pretty good. It was def alot of fun too!


I love the milkshakes, and I thought the burger was very good, the kids have some sort of ice cube that glows/lights up like a blue-ish colour it looked good fun.


they no longer have the frisbees …We love the Sci Fi …they have some melt in your mouth bbq ribs. It is more then burgers and fries. Oh and great onion rings!


Definitely, will be trying the ribs!!! :tongue: And the onion rings!!! Thanks!!!

I am sad about the frisbees tho!! :sad:

I am sure we will like tho!!!


Sci-Fi is a good lunch or late lunch place (when we went to MGM we PS SFc for 3:30 because we knew the portions were hugh and our dinner was PS after Cirque du Soleil).

I got the ribs and onion rings and to tell you the truth if I was home I would have taken some home for dinner and lunch the next day. To save money you can split anything you get with someone and still have plenty of food left over (if I go back that is what I’m doing).

You can order your drink to come in glow in the dark glasses with glow cubes. This is one of our most used “souvenirs” from our last trip. When ever kids are staying with us they always “need” a glass of water by the bed…you know the glow in the dark ones. And if they are good I put a glow cube in it. My DW and I also use them occasionally because they are easy to find on the night stand.

If I went back I would go back for a quick breather and get dessert. I don’t know if I would do a full meal.


That is good to know about sharing!!! Even the ribs??? Are they a big portion???


My brother-in-law who has never had a problem putting food away had stuff left over…Sharing is something that we are going to do more of on our next trip to help keep the cost down.


Thanks so much!!! This will help us save too!!!


A good way to know if you can “share” a meal is to look around as you enter. You can get a good idea of portion sizes at that restaurant by what is on tables you pass to your seat.

(If you feel awkward asking for a second plate to share one person can order just a small salad or appetizer to come with the main entree. And always get water with your meal…the sugar and caffeine in the drinks will only make you feel hungry faster…water, water, water – esp in FLA)



Don’t feel awkward! People do this all the time! We didn’t even ask for an extra plate. We just said “he and I will be sharing the ______.” Ninety-Nine percent of the time the meal came from the kitchen all split on separate plates for us. It usually looked like each of us got a whole side order too…even if we didn’t order two side dishes. They only ever charged us for one though.


Sci-Fi is so much fun!!! I can’t tell you anything about the food, because it wasn’t memorable. But the ice cubes are great, and the atmosphere is top-drawer! You and your kids will remember your meal there forever!


Never eaten here…definitely considering it eventually though!


If you decide to go to Sci-Fi, do it for the fun experience and not the food. IMHO the food at Sci-Fi is pretty substandard, particularly if you order anything more ambitious than a burger. The atmosphere really is pretty cool, although if you linger over your meal it can get a little annoying by the time the film has repeated four or five times.


definately go to the sci fi…the atmosphere is worth the trip. I don’t highly recommend the food, but it is a PERFECT place to grab a milkshake mid-afternoon!!!